4 ways to tie a scarf for Winter

If you’ve seen me recently on the street, chances are you’ve seen me wear my beige and black two-printed scarf by Olsen. I wear it as much outside as inside, because it’s warm but also, because it’s super stylish.  Do you always wear your scarf the same way? I had fun finding four different ideas to wear your scarf this winter, which one do you prefer?

Bandana way

If you have a larger scarf that you want to tie around your neck, the bandana style is a great way to do it. Just fold it into a triangle and bring the two smallest ends around your neck. That’s it!

With a belt

Another way to incorporate a scarf into your look is to tie it in front with a belt. If you have a large scarf like the one I’m wearing from Olsen, fold it in half to form a triangle. Then just drape it around your neck and put on a belt. 

Half knotted

A simple way to wear your scarf, and that’s exactly how I wear it here. Start by folding it in half into a triangle, then wrap it all around your neck. You can also loosely attach the ends if you feel like it.


Easy! Tie both ends of the scarf to make a long circle and tie it around your neck several times to make it an infinite scarf.

Which of these ways do you prefer?

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