Florals For Spring

Every Spring, floral dresses take over the collections from our favorite brands and it’s the same thing all over again. But I love it. I love floral dresses, I wear them all year long! No wonder I fell in love with this floral maternity dress from Pinkblush! Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking. I found some options online for you if you also feel like getting… Read More

9 Canadian Brands I Love

Because sometimes you just have to look close to home to find what you’re looking for, I have to admit to being more and more attracted to local brands when I’m shopping. It is in a conscious effort but also to encourage the Canadian economy that I like to encourage local companies, and you know what? There’s talent in this country! So here are… Read More

3 tips for hosting at home

As you may know already, I love entertaining at home, especially since we renovated the kitchen. I’m still learning, but I’ve since taken on some habits that are basic for me when I host at home. Here are some tips I follow every time people come over for dinner! Wear comfortable clothes I’d be lying if I told you I keep my high heels… Read More

3 tips to find the perfect pair of jeans

There’s nothing more rewarding than finding the pair of jeans that suits you perfectly! The pair that lengthens your silhouette and flatters your back and that can be worn as much with pumps as with sneakers. I found the perfect pair at Olsen: my new jeans perfectly flatter my shape, and the high waist hides love handles, in addition to being super comfortable and… Read More

4 ways to tie a scarf for Winter

If you’ve seen me recently on the street, chances are you’ve seen me wear my beige and black two-printed scarf by Olsen. I wear it as much outside as inside, because it’s warm but also, because it’s super stylish.  Do you always wear your scarf the same way? I had fun finding four different ideas to wear your scarf this winter, which one do you… Read More


7 Tips on How to Thrift Shop Like a Boss

Surprise: I regularly shop in thrift stores. Yes, I love luxury, designers and everything related to fashion, ans I sometimes buy in thrift stores. It’s something I used to do a lot when I was much younger, and I must admit that I took a break in the last few years, I was doing less shopping in general. However, I started visiting second-hand stores… Read More

The perfect trench coat

I don’t know about you, but despite all the coats I have in my wardrobe, I tend to wear the same very often. I have a favorite coat for cold winter days, and I have a chic coat that I wear for special evenings. I also have a few all-round coats that I wear regularly, because they suit all styles, like this trench coat… Read More

4 Olsen Looks for Winter

Winter has indeed settled, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be stylish even when the temperature drops! I’m very excited to collaborate with a  European brand I recently discovered called Olsen this month to show you the looks I created with their winter collection. Whether it’s to entertain at home, or to do cocooning on Sundays, here are my outfit ideas that will keep you… Read More


Stop Wasting Money On Laundry

Are you a weekly washer who puts everything in the laundry basket? Are you the kind of person who waits until the last day to do the laundry – sometimes after wearing the same top a couple of times before finally giving up and planning a colossal washing night? Everybody is different. While there’s no right or wrong – you do what works best… Read More


Wearing white after Labor Day

It has long been agreed that white was outlawed after Labor Day – many still follow this fashion-level rule. Is that true, white shouldn’t be worn after the first weekend of September? Personally, I’m rediscovering this color every Fall. I often say this: I think fashion is a creative and personal way to express yourself, and although there are some good taste rules to… Read More