The perfect trench coat

I don’t know about you, but despite all the coats I have in my wardrobe, I tend to wear the same very often. I have a favorite coat for cold winter days, and I have a chic coat that I wear for special evenings. I also have a few all-round coats that I wear regularly, because they suit all styles, like this trench coat… Read More

4 Olsen Looks for Winter

Winter has indeed settled, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be stylish even when the temperature drops! I’m very excited to collaborate with a  European brand I recently discovered called Olsen this month to show you the looks I created with their winter collection. Whether it’s to entertain at home, or to do cocooning on Sundays, here are my outfit ideas that will keep you… Read More


Stop Wasting Money On Laundry

Are you a weekly washer who puts everything in the laundry basket? Are you the kind of person who waits until the last day to do the laundry – sometimes after wearing the same top a couple of times before finally giving up and planning a colossal washing night? Everybody is different. While there’s no right or wrong – you do what works best… Read More


Wearing white after Labor Day

It has long been agreed that white was outlawed after Labor Day – many still follow this fashion-level rule. Is that true, white shouldn’t be worn after the first weekend of September? Personally, I’m rediscovering this color every Fall. I often say this: I think fashion is a creative and personal way to express yourself, and although there are some good taste rules to… Read More

My Walkin Closet

I’ve always – always! – been that kind of person who has way too much clothing. When I was younger, my room was a walkin closet with a bed (not the opposite), and there were shelves, bins, clothes racks all over the room. I was happy, surrounded by fashion items that inspired me every day. When we moved into our new home this summer,… Read More


7 Vacation Essentials

It’s vacation time! Whether you’re going to the beach or heading to a European destination, I’ve put together a few items here that are always part of my suitcase when I leave for a few days somewhere warm. Here are some pre-holiday shopping suggestions (thank me later). 1. A weaved bag I like Amerii, an American brand that supports local trade in Bali. Their… Read More


Zvelle, Luxury Shoes I Can’t Live Without

They were seen on Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Susan Sarandon and even Heidi Klum. Since I’ve got my hands on a pair of this Canadian brand, I get it. They’re so comfortable, and so perfect on my feet, that I don’t want to get them off. I look forward to Spring so that I can finally wear them. Designed in Toronto by Elle AyoubZadeh, the… Read More

Falling for Marie Saint Pierre

When I was younger, Marie Saint Pierre was a name that was very special to my ears. I was constantly looking at magazines and fashion trends, and I was very much impressed with this designer who seemed to be such an icon in the fashion industry in Quebec. I liked her structured and feminine cuts, her audacity, her ideas. And nothing changed. I had… Read More

Luxury Insiders: Jenn Feiden, founder of TrendSavvy

If you follow my blog, you must also love all things luxury, just like me! I have always been passionate about beautiful things, brands and trends, which is why I make it my priority to feature all my favorite things and my tips to afford luxury in your life. My latest discovery? Luxury online shopping destination called Trendsavvy : A gold mine for luxury lovers,… Read More


Should you invest in French luxury lingerie ?

Some prefer cotton underwear, others prefer lacy lingerie and dazzling details. Although there’s no problem in purchasing a few lesser quality undergarments, you have to admit that every lady should invest in a few high quality items that make her feel special. A cut that hugs our curves, a quality material and a refined look, that’s what most women want. In order to better… Read More