Oprah’s favorite things: Lisette L slimming pant

I have known Lisette L for a while now; I had met her in the past, when she had just finished touring with Oprah in the United States. Bubbly and lovable, she had told me her story, from the beginnings of the brand to today. She might not be under the spotlight here in Quebec, she is however very popular in the United States…. Read More


Lysa Lash, luxury fur designer

The Montreal-based designer sparked my curiosity when I visited her showroom a few weeks ago. Her colourful and well-thought creations were everything anyone could ever think of wearing during our cold, cold weather. Inspired by her grandfather’s brand, Samuel Grossman, Lysa is the 4th generation of her family who was interested in the luxurious fur industry. Because her pieces are unique, there is no… Read More


Marion Parke’s shoe collection is all about luxury and comfort

If Cinderella could choose a pair of heels to dance in, it’d definitely be a Marion Parke signed pair. These shoes are perfect for fashionistas like me, who are constantly looking for the pair of shoes that’ll get me endless compliments, however without ending my evening with sore feet. Marion Parke shoes are made to mold around the feet and to respect the movement of… Read More

little black dress

My Holiday fashion looks

Every year, the Holidays are a great reason to dress up. And I love dressing up. I like the fact that I can actually wear dresses every day for a full week of festivities! This year, I am planning a few different outfits depending on the events.  Here are two of my favorite looks. Christmas with the family I usually spend Christmas Eve at my… Read More


12 luxury gifts under $100

Offering luxurious gifts that don’t cost a fortune seems impossible. But luxury doesn’t necessarily equals expensive. These luxurious 12 finds will please your friends and family while keeping your budget on point! 1.Rebecca Minkoff keychain with phone battery, $75 at NORDSTROM. 2. ROSES candle from Diptyque, $44 at Holt Renfrew. 3. Leather card holder from Michael Kors, $60 in stores. 4. Moustache umbrella from Hunter, $65 online. 5. Ultra… Read More


5 colored fur coats

The colored fur trend is everywhere this season. Oh, and it’s available for every price point! See these five different styles, all available online. 1. Oasis Animal Print Faux Fur Coat, $189.48 online at ASOS. 2. Venice fur coat from Maison Elama, $1,245 online. 3. Diane Von Furstenberg tippy fur jacket $1,575 online. 4. Faux fur coat, $139 at ZARA. 5. Cinq a Sept colored fur… Read More


Luxe pyjamas by Olivia Von Halle

  British designer Olivia Von Halle gets it. What’s more luxurious than a pyjama that makes you feel pretty while still being super comfortable? This is exactly what Olivia is offering with her line of luxury pyjamas and home clothing. Inspired by her own desire to wear nice clothes even before going to bed, she launched her eponymous line in 2011 in London. Many… Read More


5 flat shoes perfect for traveling

If you are used to taking the plane, you know well enough that high heels are not always a great idea when traveling. If you are like me, dreading the security checkpoint because they make you remove your shoes, you’ll love these comfortable loafers that can be worn for hours! 1. The Modern Loafer  by Everlane, US$ 170 en ligne. 2. Leather pompom ballerinas, $49.90… Read More