Stop Wasting Money On Laundry

Are you a weekly washer who puts everything in the laundry basket? Are you the kind of person who waits until the last day to do the laundry – sometimes after wearing the same top a couple of times before finally giving up and planning a colossal washing night? Everybody is different. While there’s no right or wrong – you do what works best for you, after all – there is an important consideration when it comes to laundry waste. Indeed, how much money are you wasting on keeping your clothes clean? 


Before going any further, it’s fair to say that you’re not going to discover an article that promotes never washing anything ever again. No, reducing laundry waste is not all about wearing dirt stains with pride on your favourite blouse. Instead, it’s a wakeup call to the reality of doing the laundry. Keeping it a cost-effective and practical chore is all about caring for your machine, your clothes, and the environment. 

Can you trust your washing machine?

Washing machines are not made to last forever. The sad truth of it is that, sometimes, they break. While you can get in touch with a local appliance repair expert to revive your beloved laundrette companion, there will come a time when repairing will not be an option anymore. Typically, washing machines in a hard water environment are the first to develop costly faults. You can use a water filter to reduce the risk of breakage as well as using limescale remover regularly for maintenance. Additionally, sticking to the load and use instructions can also give your machine many more years of usage! 


A-rating energy or nothing

Doing the laundry comes at a cost. While you may not notice it when you’re using your own washing machine, your annual energy bills reflect your energy consumption. Around 8à to 90% of the energy used by your washer goes into heating the water. Therefore, making your home more eco-efficient can focus on washing your clothes on a cold wash, for instance. Older machines tend to use more energy and water than newer models with an A-rating in terms of consumption. Indeed, an old washing machine can use up to 1300 watts per day, while more efficient models don’t go above 500 watts. Additionally, switching your energy provider can also make a significant difference. 

You still don’t know how to wash your clothes

You put your favourite sweater in the wash, and it shrinks to the size of a doll’s top. What happened? More often than not, you’ve probably been doing the laundry absent-mindedly– aka shoving everything in and add some detergent before choosing a programme at random. The label says how each item of clothing should be washed. We all know it, but we also all tend to ignore it when it suits us. Handwash? Surely, I can put it in the regular wash with the rest of my clothes to save time… And that’s how your sweater is now big enough to fit Mr. Whiskers, the neighbours’ cat. 

Doing the laundry is a chore that nobody enjoys. However, a mindful approach can help to protect your clothes, your washing machine and the environment for a little longer! Because, ultimately, you are your worst enemy when it comes to the laundry. 

*Collaborative post