In love with White Terry Home

‘!– wp:paragraph — I love discovering Canadian companies that stand out, and I’ve been following White Terry Home, a sheet and duvet brand, for some time now on instagram. The Toronto-based company offers luxurious products made from organic cotton, and I fell for their Snow white collection. My new sheets are ultra soft and comfortable, which makes it more difficult to wake up in… Read More

What Would Marco Pier White Think Of Your Kitchen Design?

More than most other rooms in the house, kitchens are often a prime focus for renovations. This is the heart of the home, after all, and getting the space just the way you want it is vital for both functionality and enjoyment.  Yet, whether you turn to companies like Veejay’s Renovations or tackle this alone, one thing remains certain; finding the ideal balance in kitchen… Read More


Why You Need To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is definitely one of the main rooms of your home; it is also one of the most used, if not the most. It can be costly to change up your kitchen for the better and we will probably end up living in our old ways until things break down or go wrong but upgrading before things fall apart could be really smart…. Read More

Hidden Signs Your Home May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Do you know for sure that your home is a healthy place to live? If the answer is no, then you might want to read on to find a few hidden signs that could indicate your home needs to be given the once over by a professional cleaner, exterminator, or even decorator.  You might be surprised at things that could indicate your home is… Read More


Make Your House Into Your Home

Are you looking to make your house into a home? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place because we have written this article to help you do just that. Turning a house into a home is a big challenge, but it is one that is well worth the time and effort you spend when you see the finished result…. Read More

Creating A More Eco-Efficient Home

Whenever you turn on the news these days you will probably hear about the climate crisis. There is no escaping the fact that as a society we need to act fast to stop the health of our environment from deteriorating further than it already has. There are of course many things that we could all be doing ourselves as individuals, and one of the… Read More

The Bit Of Sophistication Your Home Needs

Your home needs all of the sophistication that it can get. You need to feel like you’re coming into a home that has high standards, and one that’s full of great design. Because we know that if you’re going into a home that feels like it has anything less, you’re going to run into problems down the line. You’ll start to feel as though… Read More

4 Things To Consider When Deciding Whether To Hire A Contractor Or Do It Yourself

If you are thinking about undertaking some home renovation or improvement projects, you have probably already thought about whether you are going to do it all yourself, or whether you are going to hire the work out to contractors. It is a dilemma that faces all homeowners and would-be renovators at some point. Do you roll your sleeves up, take out the measuring tape,… Read More


3 Rules For Arranging Furniture In A Small Room

When you are designing and decorating a small room, you have to make sure that you use every last bit of space wisely. If you design the room in the wrong way, it will feel cramped, but if you put some thought into it and use a few simple tricks, you can make the room feel open and spacious. One of the most important… Read More

Hosting Your Family Over The Holidays

‘Tis the season to drink, be merry, and surround yourself with those that you love the most. Putting the heating right up, cooking up some delicious food and snuggling up on the couch… there are many reasons why this season is simply our favorite. However, hosting your family over the holidays can be pretty stressful, especially when you’re unprepared for the difficulties that it can… Read More