There’s Something Fishy About Your Outfit Of The Day

Nothing beats cooking up a feast. From garlic to fish; it’s a taste sensation. The only trouble is the smell that comes with ingredients like these. Try as you might, they have a habit of lingering for days. Whether you’re in the heart of the kitchen or up in the attic; you’ll be able to smell what’s been on your plates. In the worst case scenario, you’ll get a whiff of stale onions as you slip your little white dress on for a big business meeting.


Let’s be frank; no food, no matter how tasty, is worth risking your wardrobe for. The idea of walking around smelling like dinner isn’t appealing. Don’t think, though, that keeping your clothes upstairs will keep them safe. As we’ve already covered, the most pungent cooking smells have a habit of travelling.

The good news is, there are steps you can take to ensure your clothes stay smelling fresh no matter how fishy dinner gets. All you need to do is embark on the following pointers.


Ventilate your kitchen

Given that these smells originate from your kitchen, your best hope with this is to put an end to things there. By ventilating correctly as you’re cooking, there’s less chance smells will permeate through the rest of your home. This could be as simple as leaving a window open as you cook. If you don’t fancy letting your heat out, you could install an extractor fan like the ones you’ll find here, which serve the same purpose. By keeping the air flowing, you stop it in its tracks. Goodbye smells; hello fresh home. Your clothes won’t even come close to cooking this way.

Ensure your bedroom smells good

Another option would be to introduce pleasant smells into your bedroom. These could counterbalance your cooking. By installing something like the scent diffusers you’ll find if you click here, you can ensure that pleasant smells outweigh any less welcome ones. At the very least, incorporate options like potpourri or reed diffusers. These should go some way towards ensuring your outfit smells fresh regardless of what you’ve been eating.

Close the door on the issue

We get it; the idea of a dark hallway upstairs isn’t appealing. But, you’d be amazed at how much protection you’ll get from keeping your bedroom door closed. This simple step could be all it takes to stop smells reaching your wardrobe. A door may seem like a simple barrier, but it can work wonders when it comes down to it. If you don’t fancy keeping doors closed at all times, get into the habit of remembering to do this before you hit the kitchen. It’s such a small effort, but it’ll save you a whole load of stress.

As you can see, prevention here isn’t difficult. With barely any thought, you can tackle the risk of those cooking smells seeping where they aren’t wanted. Get your head around this, and you can have garlic infused fish for dinner every day if you want to.


*Collaborative post