Luxury Insiders: Jenn Feiden, founder of TrendSavvy

If you follow my blog, you must also love all things luxury, just like me! I have always been passionate about beautiful things, brands and trends, which is why I make it my priority to feature all my favorite things and my tips to afford luxury in your life. My latest discovery? Luxury online shopping destination called Trendsavvy : A gold mine for luxury lovers,… Read More


What You Need to Know Before you Start Blogging

You may have seen it recently, but I took part in a Quebec based tv show called Banc Public on Télé-Québec to talk about my role as an influencer. I say role here, because I think it is not a job, but rather a status that we are given when we have some influence around us and on our social media channels. I must… Read More


Olivia Palermo x Pretty Ballerinas

I have always loved Olivia Palermo. Her style is trendy, sophisticated and classy. I love everything about her! It’s with no surprise that I absolutely fell for her new collaboration with Pretty Ballerinas. The collection features a few pieces only, and also includes handbags, all starting from $280. What do you think of Olivia Palermo? Do you like her style as well?


This week’s XY’s Fave Five: Pink

Gen from XY Contemporary shares her fave five images from instagram and pinterest!   We don’t know each other yet, (but looking forward to your questions, comments and feedback – negative or positive, I can take it!). Since this isn’t a dating app, we’ll exclude the personal info that I’m sure you’ll get to read over the next few months anyway, and get straight to… Read More

5 Must-Haves For A Successful Pool Party

With a full month of summer left ahead, it is clear that we all want to enjoy it as much as possible. Although music festivals and food markets are on our August 2017 plans, sometimes it’s nice to spend a bit of time at home with friends — by the pool, that is. From the must-try cocktails of the season to the trendiest accessories,… Read More


12 luxury gifts under $100

Offering luxurious gifts that don’t cost a fortune seems impossible. But luxury doesn’t necessarily equals expensive. These luxurious 12 finds will please your friends and family while keeping your budget on point! 1.Rebecca Minkoff keychain with phone battery, $75 at NORDSTROM. 2. ROSES candle from Diptyque, $44 at Holt Renfrew. 3. Leather card holder from Michael Kors, $60 in stores. 4. Moustache umbrella from Hunter, $65 online. 5. Ultra… Read More


Can’t afford the Ritz? Think again.

For years now I’ve been gravitating to the luxury industry. From my days at CHANEL to the many trips I had as a PR manager and then, the luxurious press trips I was invited to as Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine, I have seen many beautiful things. Although I was always very grateful for all the experiences that my job was offering me, I… Read More