Luxury in Havana

I recently had the chance to be invited to visit the new Iberostar Grand Packard hotel in Havana, and I must confess that this trip reconciled me with Cuba. I went to Havana a few years ago with a friend, and I had found Cubans to be very rude, even unpleasant to women, even though I have traveled a lot elsewhere in the world. In short,… Read More

Top 7 Luxury Travel Destinations In The World Right Now

Travelling can be expensive, which means you may as well go all out and find the most luxurious places to see! If you’re searching for a luxury holiday destination, then check out my list of the top locations in 2018. Santorini Santorini has quickly become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. It’s typically coupled with its neighbour – Mykonos – as… Read More


Things You Have To See And Do In Asia

Asia is a stunning continent. It has diverse cultures and countries such as China, Japan, India, Malaysia and many more. Every place you visit in Asia is full of stunning sites, amazing activities and loads of unique animals. If you are looking for a place to visit this summer, Asia is the place to go, and these places in particular should be on your… Read More

Vlog 01: A week-end in Paris!

I recently spent a few days in Paris during my trip to France. See everything in my first travel vlog!

Beatnik, chic getaway to Bromont

The hotel opened its doors this past spring in the Balnea, in Bromont. A new hotel definitely brings a breath of fresh air to the city and, the spa’s fanatics will be happy to find out! So, what’s new at the Beatnik? All rooms are kitchenette-equipped and have a vaguely hipster decor, the Beatnik is characterized by its artistic approach and its cultural events,… Read More


W Montreal : modernity in the Old Montreal

The W hotels are known for its unique style and its eccentric decor. If the ambiance of the lobby doesn’t charm you at first sigh, the luxurious rooms will definitely win your heart. What makes this W so attractive? Dim lights, trendy music, and welcoming service. The boutique-hotel’s reputation is built around its ultra-trendy style that makes its clients feel special. The W restaurant,… Read More


Aruba, the ultimate exotic destination

Isn’t this island dreamlike? It is an iconic exotic destination, one of the most heavenly islands in the Caribbeans. What makes Aruba so magical? Firstly, Aruba is known for its beaches. The sand is soft, and there are many intact beaches on the island. The deep turquoise waters are magnificent, and give the area a charm that cannot be found elsewhere. The island is… Read More


A refined menu by Nespresso

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Nespresso dinner event that happened a few weeks ago, in honour of Montreal en Lumiére. The event was held in a beautiful establishment in downtown Montreal, decorated perfectly for the occasion. Although the night has passed, the meals and the experience are definitely memories that I will cherish. Here’s a throwback to the tasty evening…. Read More


A cocoa retreat at Hotel Chocolat

Spending a night in a hotel that is located on top of a cocoa plantation, on a heavenly island. Dreamy, right? The Hotel Chocolat is a gem situated in the Caribbeans: a destination that prioritizes cocoa, in the heart of Saint-Lucia island. A divine hotel concept to discover. What an idea, to build a hotel on top of a plantation! Hotel Chocolat  is what… Read More


Europea, the ultimate experience

One of Montreal’s prized token is hidden in the heart of downtown. Europea is a restaurant, a brand that has built its way into many Montrealers’ hearts these past few years. But what is it that makes Jérôme Ferrer’s creation one of the Grandes Tables du Monde? The experience. That’s what you want to get out of Europea. The meticulously prepared tables receive clients… Read More