Falling for Marie Saint Pierre

When I was younger, Marie Saint Pierre was a name that was very special to my ears. I was constantly looking at magazines and fashion trends, and I was very much impressed with this designer who seemed to be such an icon in the fashion industry in Quebec. I liked her structured and feminine cuts, her audacity, her ideas. And nothing changed. I had… Read More


What You Need to Know Before you Start Blogging

You may have seen it recently, but I took part in a Quebec based tv show called Banc Public on Télé-Québec to talk about my role as an influencer. I say role here, because I think it is not a job, but rather a status that we are given when we have some influence around us and on our social media channels. I must… Read More


Goodbye 2017 + Looks by Oscar Mendoza

A little over than a year ago, I was launching this blog. I never realized that I wanted to have a blog, to express myself and to inspire others through my fashion, travel or other finds. I thought this was for others, until the day that I opened my eyes. I can’t explain how much this experience has changed me so far. Launching The… Read More

Ode to September

The last few weeks have ben c-r-a-z-y, and I’m leaving for France in a few days! While some people actually think that the New Year brings new beginnings, I firmly think that back-to-school season always brings more excitement in my life. September is usually the month where I travel, meet new people, get new contracts or start a new job. Well, this year hasn’t been… Read More