6 Montreal Lunch Spots to Eat at this Summer

Where to have lunch in Montreal? Here are 6 of our new favorite spots in the city! Liv Salades Salads, we try so hard to love them, but they often leave us unsatisfied. Liv Salades on Boulevard St-Laurent will change your mind about salads forever. For owner Marie-Josée Elchab, a healthy and balanced diet should never comprise taste. Searching for a way to combine her… Read More

Maggie Oakes’ luxury market cuisine

The William Gray hotel’s restaurant never disappoints their clients. The hotel might be a favourite of many, but it’s the Maggie Oakes that impresses me every time I go. Derek Bocking is the chef behind the iconic aged meats and the seasonal vegetables’ dishes. The establishment is decorated with a lovely wall of greenery that refreshes the area, alongside the marble and the wood…. Read More