6 Ways To Fight Your Fear Of Flying

A trip away provides the perfect opportunity for you to relax, unwind, and escape the stresses that plague everyday life. Actually getting to your chosen vacation destination, however, is a completely different story. Whether you’re traveling to see loved ones or explore the world, the journey from point A to point B can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, especially when it involves a flight. With that in mind, here are six ways to fight your fear of flying.


  1. Use A Packing List

Forgetting to pack your hairbrush or favorite pair of flip flops isn’t going to ruin your vacation. After all, there are stores in airports and abroad, which stock everything you might need. Unfortunately, that won’t stop the panic that floods you when you first notice something you need is missing. Packing your bags with a list can help you to avoid this unnecessary worry before your flight.

  1. Dress In Comfortable Clothes

Travelers used to dress up for flights, wearing their best clothes, jewelry, and a full face of makeup. These days, however, most passengers realize that comfort is more important than vanity. You’ll find it much easier to relax on your flight is you wear comfortable clothes, so ditch the heels and skinny jeans and switch to something more sensible, like leggings and a supportive sneaker.

  1. Leave Earlier Than Necessary

Just the thought of missing your flight can send you into panic mode, which is why you should ensure that this isn’t a possibility. You can do so by staying at the hotel closest to the airport. If you’re traveling to or from Calgary, for example, you could stay at this hotel near Calgary International Airport. If you’d rather not do this, then leave for the airport earlier than you need to.


  1. Choose A Quiet Time

Airports these days tend to be overflowing with people. If you have a fear of crowds, this can leave you feeling even more anxious for your flight. Because of this, you should avoid traveling at popular times of the year and day and instead schedule your plans to coincide with off-peak periods. This means that you will avoid the crowds and get through security a lot quicker.

  1. Bring Yourself A Distraction

With nothing better to do on your flight, you’ll find yourself focusing on every small bump and noise, which can send you into a spiral. This is why you should bring something from home to distract you. One of the best ways to do this is with a book, as you need to concentrate on taking it in. You could also pack a handheld console, a tablet, or even a coloring book and some pencils.

  1. Tell The Flight Attendant

Sometimes simply knowing that someone is there to support you when you’re scared can fight off any worries that you may have. This is why you should let the flight attendant know that flying makes you anxious. When you do this, they will make an effort to look after you, especially during turbulence and other worrying situations. They might even introduce you to the pilot.

Flying makes a lot of people anxious, but, with the advice above, it doesn’t need to hold you back from your travel dreams.

*Collaborative post