Can’t afford the Ritz? Think again.

For years now I’ve been gravitating to the luxury industry. From my days at CHANEL to the many trips I had as a PR manager and then, the luxurious press trips I was invited to as Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine, I have seen many beautiful things. Although I was always very grateful for all the experiences that my job was offering me, I always wondered: why isn’t everyone living an extraordinary life like this? Enjoying the best restaurants and trying the trendiest hotels in the city should be an option to each and everyone one of us, and here’s how.


The Ritz Montreal

I love making reference to high tea at the Ritz.  For me, this defines and is the most representative of the everyday luxury philosophy. The Ritz is certainly one of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world, and not everyone has the opportunity to stay in one of their rooms in their lifetime. But is spending the night there necessary to live the Ritz experience? Absolutely not. For example, their afternoon tea service, which takes place in the elegant Palm Court , is $34 – yes, $34! You enjoy full tea service, which includes a tea of your choice accompanied with a few sandwiches, a scone and pastries. A wonderful and memorable moment that is sure to make anyone feel very special, and yet, it is the same price as eating a pizza. Surprisingly enough, people will often choose pizza over the Ritz because, well, they just don’t know.


High tea at the Ritz


The Ritz Paris

This is exactly why I decided to launch this website! To inspire and educate people about what’s available to you that you’re not aware of. This is proof that you can live a very luxurious life, or at least live some extraordinary moments, or own a few designer pieces, even if you don’t have a lot of money. Although I will be talking about expensive items, I will also make a point of presenting affordable ideas as well. I hope this will make you think differently about luxury, and make you dream a little more.

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