Luxury in Havana

I recently had the chance to be invited to visit the new Iberostar Grand Packard hotel in Havana, and I must confess that this trip reconciled me with Cuba. I went to Havana a few years ago with a friend, and I had found Cubans to be very rude, even unpleasant to women, even though I have traveled a lot elsewhere in the world. In short, I kept a bitter memory of this city. When I received this invitation to visit the new Grand Packard, I told myself that I would give a second chance to this colorful city.

And I’m glad I did. I discovered the rich history side that I didn’t see during my first stop. Havana is a vibrant and inspiring city, nothing less. I enjoyed doing a city trip for once, it changes so much from the beach!

The Grand Packard hotel is very well located, just a few steps from a busy neighborhood, while being quite removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The view from the hotel is spectacular, overlooking the fortress Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro. The hotel has just opened its doors, it is a luxurious concept that also offers a beautiful swimming pool (I received a lot of comments on this pool!), a gym (the outdoor yoga classes look great) and several meeting rooms. An upscale, refined and very charming hotel.

I was obviously charmed by the level of quality of the food. The Grand Packard hotel offers four restaurants, all excellent, which also represent a great option if you want to visit the hotel but not necessarily to stay there. My favorite is the tapas bar, but I also recommend ordering the lobster sandwich at the snack bar (I had one every day during the trip!)

I would gladly return to Havana for an experience like this! I don’t know if it is the maturity that helps, but I didn’t feel assaulted by Cubans’s words this time. Anyway, take note of this address if you are planning a trip to Havana shortly: the Grand Packard hotel is luxury in the heart of Havana!