A cocoa retreat at Hotel Chocolat

Spending a night in a hotel that is located on top of a cocoa plantation, on a heavenly island. Dreamy, right? The Hotel Chocolat is a gem situated in the Caribbeans: a destination that prioritizes cocoa, in the heart of Saint-Lucia island. A divine hotel concept to discover. What an idea, to build a hotel on top of a plantation! Hotel Chocolat  is what… Read More

Cheers to Chagall

I have had the privilege of visiting art exhibitions with school and with family before, but I had never quite seen anything as the Chagall exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. Eccentric, energizing, lively: the biggest exhibition dedicated to the famous Marc Chagall in Canada did not disappoint! Chagall is eccentric and different, and his art reflects humanity, love, and sorrow. Hundreds… Read More


Europea, the ultimate experience

One of Montreal’s prized token is hidden in the heart of downtown. Europea is a restaurant, a brand that has built its way into many Montrealers’ hearts these past few years. But what is it that makes Jérôme Ferrer’s creation one of the Grandes Tables du Monde? The experience. That’s what you want to get out of Europea. The meticulously prepared tables receive clients… Read More


Jatoba, Montreal’s trendy taste of Asia

Asian cuisine is continuously evolving. More and more high end restaurants across the world are incorporating Chinese, Japanese or fusion recipes — and Jatoba is one of them. It is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in the city, and I recommend it every time someone asks me about my favourite places in town. Here’s why. The mastermind behind the menu is none other… Read More


L’Estrimont, luxury on the countryside

The Magog-Orford hotel has grown to be one of the most popular ones in town. Its rustic decor and welcoming ambiance are what make it a peaceful area perfect for a few days of relaxation. Whether it is to bundle up warmly or for a weekend ski trip, the Estrimont is definitely the place to be. The Eastern townships are full of local hotels… Read More


3 coffee shops to visit in the Old Port of Montreal

The Old Montreal is beautifully charming and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of the country. Its animated stone pavements house many boutiques and restaurants to discover. It is also the perfect place to relax on weekends, and to stop by for a coffee and a chocolate croissant. Here are three of my favourite stops to find the best cafes… Read More


Luxury Insiders: Veronique Gonneville from Moët Hennessy Canada

Working in the champagne and fine spirits industry may seem like a dream for some of us. It certainly is for me. Veronique represents some of the top brands in Canada, has the chance to travel a lot for work and is constantly adding new people to her address book. The young woman tells us what it takes to work in the luxury industry…. Read More


The 5 most romantic hotels in Montreal

Even in the middle of winter, Montreal charms its visitors and citizens with its animated streets and its historical buildings. Classified as one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is where many tourists spend their winter vacations, curious to enjoy the beautiful snow, sometimes for the first time. If you are looking for the perfect place to stay during your next… Read More


8 tips to survive a long trip on the plane

Travelling is one of the most wonderful privileges we have, and whether it is to sip on fresh coconut juice in the south or taking a walk through ruins miles and miles away, new destinations are always some of our best memories. But before stepping onto the golden sand or onto authentic European pavements comes the dreaded long-haul flight. Tiring, stressful and often boring,… Read More


Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia’s architectural masterpiece

With her heavenly beaches and her inviting culture, the island of Saint Lucia is dreamlike. Other than the breathtaking scenery and the joyful habitants, one thing that left me in awe about Saint Lucia was its luxury hotels; some of the best I’ve ever visited. Jade Mountain is an iconic and grandiose one, with its beautiful yet intriguing architecture. No wonder it is known… Read More