Maggie Oakes’ luxury market cuisine

The William Gray hotel’s restaurant never disappoints their clients. The hotel might be a favourite of many, but it’s the Maggie Oakes that impresses me every time I go.


The green wall at Maggie Oakes

Derek Bocking is the chef behind the iconic aged meats and the seasonal vegetables’ dishes. The establishment is decorated with a lovely wall of greenery that refreshes the area, alongside the marble and the wood. The modern and high-end grill is very big in size, and offers interesting opening hours for tourists and groups.


Credit: The Know Where

The Maggie Oakes experience ideally starts with a few oysters and a visit to the raw bar — and definitely a cocktail. Amongst the entrées, the bison tartar and the beets with goat cheese duo are two dishes that I highly recommend. I’ve also had the chance to taste a delicious bone marrow dish, however it seems to be taken off the menu now.

The meat might be the restaurant’s specialty, but the rest of the menu is as appetizing. Lamb stew Cavatelli, grilled cobia and homemade Migneron de Charlevoix gnocchi — absolutely delicious, that one — are all excellent dishes that reveal the chef’s talent. Don’t forget the side dish! The seasonal veggies are perfect sides for the amazing meat choices.


The bar at Maggie Oakes


From the decor to the plate, Maggie Oakes is a delight. Even the sumptuous bar offers screens for sports fans. In the summer, a charming terrace offers a grandiose view of the Place Jacques-Cartier, adding even more to the charm of this Old-Montreal destination. No wonder clients keep going back…and back!