Personalizing Your Wedding with an Irish Twist

If you have any Irish heritage, then you may want to incorporate some Irish wedding traditions into your special day. Whether you decide to do a full Irish wedding or just incorporate some small details into your already planned day, these traditions can help you connect to your loved ones.

During the vows, the bride and groom hold a stone in their hands to show their love is as firm and everlasting as stone. Sometimes the stone can even be passed to wedding guests who then make a wish for a happy future for the couple. Their hands are also bound together, showing that they will be bound together forever in love.

The Celtic grushie is the tradition of the groom throwing coins into the crowd after the wedding ceremony. This is supposed to bring luck and good fortune into the newlywed’s life.

The traditional Celtic wedding ring is the Claddagh ring. It shows a heart with a crown on top being held by two hands. This is supposed to represent love, friendship, and loyalty forever.

Using these traditions in your wedding can enhance your day and give you more memories to treasure for the rest of your life. Understanding the reasons behind traditions can make your special day even more meaningful. To make planning your Irish wedding even easier, here is an infographic that breaks it all down visually.

Infographic Design By Claddagh Ring

*Collaborative post