How To Feel Your Absolute Best On Your Big Day

Everybody wants to feel their absolute best come their all important wedding day. This should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and the last thing you want is for it to be overshadowed by you not feeling very good about yourself. Below, we’ll take a look at a few things you can do to feel your absolute best come the big day. Take a look and see what you can start doing now to make a big difference!


1. Start Meditating

Meditating is something we could all do more of, but it could be especially beneficial if you start it even just a few weeks before you big day. Ideally you’ll give yourself longer so you can really enjoy the benefits. Meditation will help you to stay present so you can stay in the moment on your big day. It’ll also help you to have more of a handle on your emotions, which will be a huge help if something goes awry!

2. Journal

Journaling will give you a better idea of your feelings, as well as a creative outlet for all of that nervous energy that you likely have. You’ll be able to spot the things that are troubling you too, so you can get them seen to before the day arrives.

3. Find A Type Of Exercise That You Enjoy

You don’t need to exercise to lose weight or change the way you look, but you should exercise for your mental health. Exercise can be a massive help, releasing all kinds of happy hormones so you feel stress free and content both in the short and long term. It could be walking, swimming, yoga, or something more intense if you prefer. Just bear in mind that if you’ve had all of your dress fittings, you should avoid exercising too hard – you don’t want your dress to hang off you.

4. Have A Ritual That Helps You To Start The Day And Stay Grounded

By developing a ritual that helps you to begin the day, you’ll feel calmer and ready to get going no matter what. Then, you can perform this ritual on your wedding day and know everything is going to be ok. It could be 15 minutes of yoga followed by a hot drink and a chapter of a book, or a quick walk and some affirmations. Whatever makes you feel good!

5. Get Professional Help With Your Wedding Look

Professional help with your wedding look will leave little room for error. Get some advice before shopping for your wedding dress to make sure you feel your best. Consider having beauty treatments too, such as fresh highlights, a manicure, and waxing. Make sure you book all of this in advance.

6. Avoid Drinking For At Least A Few Days Beforehand

The last thing you want is to feel rough, tired, and dehydrated on your big day. Avoid drinking!

7. Really Focus On Your Sleep Hygiene

You’re going to be nervous and jittery in the days leading up to your wedding, so do your best to improve sleep hygiene. Wind down before bed and put your phone in another room!



*Collaborative post