Gourmet Dining in London: Top Michelin-Starred Restaurants to Impress Clients

When motoring was just taking off in France, two brothers, Andre and Edouard, decided to write up a little guidebook, letting their tyre customers – yes, this is heading towards high-class cuisine in London, keep reading! – know about the best place to get spare parts, have their tyres fixed or reinflated. And also about excellent places to eat. They were, of course, the… Read More

7 Addresses To Visit In Paris

Ah Paris! It’s impossible not to fall in love with its charming streets, the cafes and the hotels that have hosted some of the most iconic stars in history. I recently went to the City of Lights, and I reconnected with some of my favorite addresses, in addition to having made a few discoveries, so here are some places to visit if you are… Read More

Opulence as a Force for Good in Your Life

Opulence as a force for good isn’t something most people would agree with. Beyond material needs, a luxury lifestyle isn’t meaningless when you learn to appreciate the beauty of what you have. Then you can make unforgettable memories with the exclusive experiences offered. Nice Things Make You Feel Better There is some debate as to whether an opulent lifestyle beyond the accumulation of wealth… Read More

The Top 10 Ways to Make Your Life More Luxurious

We all desire a luxurious life – one where we can enjoy the finer things in life and treat ourselves to the best that money can buy. But what does it actually take to live a luxurious life? In this article, we will explore 10 ways that you can make your life more luxurious. From treating yourself to regular spa days, to upgrading your… Read More

All about Jaguar’s new F-PACE SUV

I recently had the chance to test the new Jaguar’s luxurious F-PACE SUV, a car known for its dynamism and performance, in addition to having a most sophisticated look. Inspired by sporty driving, the new version of the car has been completely redesigned to offer a dynamic and comfortable interior combining luxurious materials with state-of-the-art technology. Here’s what I thought of my driving experience… Read More

Tried And Tested: The 2022 I-PACE, Jaguar’s 100% electric vehicle

When I was offered to test Jaguar’s I-PACE, the first luxurious, all-electric SUV on the market, I obviously said yes in a heartbeat! As someone who loves to test new cars, I knew that this one would be particularly interesting to drive for its comfort and finest technology, and I was not mistaken. Here is how my first experience went with an electric car. Modern look… Read More

3 Ways to Take Care of Yourself This Winter

I don’t know about you, but for me, winter is the best time to take a break and take care of myself, whether mentally or physically. Winter in Canada is intense – even more so when you’re in lockdown – but it is a great opportunity to invest in yourself. Going out for a walk I know, I know. It’s cold, it’s snowing, and… Read More

Michelin Starred Restaurants Near Chatelet Les Halles

Chatelet Les Halles is a train station for the Paris metro area and is one of the largest underground stations in the world. Named for the Place du Chatelet square and the Des Halles shopping center. The square is a popular center with gorgeous greenery and a huge fountain to enjoy while you are there.  You may be able to grab a snack at… Read More

Luxury Getaway to Guadeloupe

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to beautiful places recently. Better yet, in the middle of November, when Quebec was being buried in snow, I was sipping a glass of rosé under the Guadeloupe sun! I had the chance to visit Club Med La Caravelle, which inaugurated for the occasion a vip section… Read More


Pear Vodka + Thyme Cocktail Recipe

An easy and refreshing cocktail recipe for Fall. 2 parts GREY GOOSE® La Poire flavoured vodka 1 1/2 part peach nectar 1 part of fresh lemon juice Garnish: fresh thyme stem and pear slice   Preparation: Shake all ingredients together and filter into a highball glass filled with ice.