Gourmet Dining in London: Top Michelin-Starred Restaurants to Impress Clients

When motoring was just taking off in France, two brothers, Andre and Edouard, decided to write up a little guidebook, letting their tyre customers – yes, this is heading towards high-class cuisine in London, keep reading! – know about the best place to get spare parts, have their tyres fixed or reinflated. And also about excellent places to eat. They were, of course, the Michelin brothers, and their foodie guide and their tyres are equally well-known by entirely different demographics! On one hand, Michelin tyres are known for their sturdy, innovative quality, and on the other, the restaurant guide sees restaurants awarded one, two or three stars for their excellence in the world of cuisine. All of which brings us to gourmet dining in London that is sure to impress the clients that you’ve put up in a perfect little pied-à-terre – check out luxury serviced apartments in London here – and wined and dined to help you land the deal: let’s take a look at some of London’s finest Michelin-starred eateries. 


Proving that haute cuisine can co-exist in today’s environmentally angst-ridden world, Apricity is a perfect meeting place of both worlds, and it has been awarded one of the first Michelin Green Stars: a star that offers the same excellence of cooking but now alongside eco-consciousness. At Apricity, this takes the form of foraged, locally produced, zero wasted menu items which still manage to meet the exceedingly high standards demanded by the Michelin restaurant reviewers. It is in the almost exact heart of London, just over a mile from Buckingham Palace. 

St Barts Restaurant in Spitalfields

If you’re looking after an anglophone client from abroad, then you can do no worse that to take your guest to Restaurant St Barts in Spitalfields – could any eatery sound more British than that? Having said that, this is neither hearty pub fare nor cheerful chippy. Instead, this is fine dining in which a vast number of courses arrive in tiny portions, all exquisitely crafted (there is no other word) and utterly, deliciously, perfect in every aspect. The restaurant’s well-deserved Michelin star is for high-quality cooking, and they have recently been awarded a Green Star to go along with it, for their measures to reduce food waste and their carbon footprint. Find St Barts in Bartholomew Close, two and half miles from and roughly east and slightly north of Buckingham Palace. 

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay 

Gordon Ramsay is an internationally renowned chef in both the USA and UK, so you can impress your client by dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, so they experience the possibility of meeting a bona fide star and enjoying cuisine that has earned an impressive 3 Michelin stars – the maximum awarded to any restaurant. The restaurant lies on Royal Hospital Road, just across the river from Battersea and just over a mile south and west of Buckingham Palace. 

Sketch (The Lecture Room And Library)

Spread over two floors, Sketch is a complex of various eateries – a fancy restaurant (the Lecture Room and Library in question), a pâtisserie, a more informal (but still pretty fancy) restaurant on the ground floor, and so on. It is the Lecture Room and Library that you will be coming with your client, to enjoy the best of three-Michelin Star-holder chef, Pierre Gagnaire’s exquisite cooking. The menu is not cheap, but the food and surroundings are wonderful, and you will not regret bringing your client here – especially if the freshly signed contract means that the cost of the lunch will soon be absorbed as your fortunes change for the better!

Other Options

Not found what you’re looking for? Here are a few more options!

  • Benares, Mayfair
  • Brat, Shoreditch
  • Casa Fofō, Hackney
  • Chez Bruce, Wandsworth
  • Chishuru, Soho 
  • City Social, City of London
  • Club Gascon, Farringdon
  • Cornerstone, Hackney Wick
  • Cycene, Shoreditch
  • Dining Room at The Goring, Belgravia
  • Dorian, Notting Hill