9 Expert tips for planning a hen party

Even though a hen party is an exciting event that a bride remembers for the rest of her life, it can be a daunting experience for her bridesmaid who needs to organize the party. Following are 9 tips provided by for planning a hen party for the bride-to-be that will make her and everyone else attending, believe that it was all arranged by… Read More

Near Colorless Diamonds: What are they and Should You Be Buying Them?

The GIA grades diamond color on a scale that runs from D-Z. The diamond grading process is intense and technical, with several gemmologists testing and analyzing the diamonds before reaching an agreed grade. To establish diamond color, the diamond is observed in comparison with ‘master stones’ in optimum lighting.  The scale is split into color quality sub-sections: colorless diamonds (D-F), near colorless (G-I), faint (K-M), very light… Read More

Is a Half Carat Diamond Big Enough for an Engagement Ring?

Tradition calls for a one-carat engagement ring, preferably set in a white metal band, whether that is platinum, white gold or another pale metal against which the diamond will stand out well. One-carat diamonds can be pricy though, and for a young couple, wanting to look the part without spending too much money, can a half-carat diamond be big enough for their engagement ring?… Read More

Unusual Ideas To Inspire Your Wedding Plans

There is no shying away from the fact that planning a wedding is stressful. You have your guests to think about, the venue, the size, what you want your day to be about and perhaps importantly how much you have to spend. Weddings can soon spiral out of control when it comes to costs, so now these days many brides try and be a little more… Read More

How To Choose Your Wedding Invitations

Several months have passed since our wedding, but I finally have the chance to go back and talk about wedding planning to help those who are in the middle of preparations at the moment. I wanted to talk about wedding invitations, because even if it seems to be something futile, it’s important to understand that an invitation sets the tone for an event. The… Read More


How To Feel Your Absolute Best On Your Big Day

Everybody wants to feel their absolute best come their all important wedding day. This should be one of the most memorable days of your life, and the last thing you want is for it to be overshadowed by you not feeling very good about yourself. Below, we’ll take a look at a few things you can do to feel your absolute best come the… Read More

Giving Yourself The Wedding You Deserve

As those in charge of our wedding, it’s not uncommon to feel like we should plan certain things because it might be inconvenient for some. For example, let us say that you do not wish for children at your wedding. This is perfectly understandable, and depending on who is paying for the brunt of it, potentially completely your financial right. However, of course, making… Read More

What Not To Do When Buying Wedding Rings

Just like most other wedding tasks, picking wedding rings isn’t nearly as easy as it might first seem. After all, this is a piece of jewellery that you will ultimately want to wear for the rest of your life. If you don’t know the first thing about the process, then you’re certainly not alone, but it does run the risk of you choosing the… Read More

Wedding On The Horizon? Still Need Some Entertainment? Here Are A Few Ideas

Congratulations! You’ve probably been congratulated a million times already, but another one won’t hurt! In fact, you’ll probably love it. You can never get bored of something like that. You earned it, after all. You’ve worked hard on your relationship, and finally, it has paid off with the ultimate gesture. You’ve been told this heaps of times, too, but there are very few things… Read More


What To Look For In Your Wedding Rings

You’ve got your engagement ring but now comes the wedding rings. These will take more searching because they have to suit both you and your partner. Here is what to look for in your wedding rings.   Start The Ring Search Early Like any task in your wedding planning, it’s a good idea to start your wedding band search early. You want to make… Read More