Giving Yourself The Wedding You Deserve

As those in charge of our wedding, it’s not uncommon to feel like we should plan certain things because it might be inconvenient for some. For example, let us say that you do not wish for children at your wedding. This is perfectly understandable, and depending on who is paying for the brunt of it, potentially completely your financial right. However, of course, making any kind of decision like this will come with its detractors. Some might worry that you are being too overly hurtful with this approach. Others might think you are targeting them. It can take some time to talk them down.

However, giving yourself the wedding you deserve is an important function to consider here. Without it, you will often find yourself settling for the compromises you may not want. Of course, certain choices, such as gaining a diamond-encrusted tiara in the thousands for your wedding dress may not be feasible for your current budget. So then, biding reality with your fantasy can help you in the best manner possible, and when following that, there’s often little room for apology.

Our advice below will help you gain the wedding you deserve:

Don’t Worry About The ‘Bridezilla’ Tag

Being labelled a ‘bridezilla’ can sometimes be a worrying and often quite present issue that some brides may experience if they communicate their preferences well. Of course, our family may say it in jest, but it can sometimes hurt all the same. We see functionally spoilt and often quite terrible brides on reality television, and we think that of course, we never want to be like that.

However, there may come a time where we need to be more assertive. Perhaps someone in our wedding planning circle is dead set on creating invites themselves. Despite your appreciation for their enthusiasm, this is not something you had agreed on, and the luxury wedding invites from Pure Invitation were something you had your heart set on to begin with. A careful, polite conversation is of course the best route forward.

But it’s also important to realize that having preferences and communicating them does not equal being labelled a bridezilla in any acceptable sense. Being compromising and never unreasonable is all you need to do, which you will be practicing in spades. But do not worry about this tag. It can say more about the person naming you this way than you wishing to exercise a little control over your wedding day.

Squash Social Drama

It’s your wedding day. There is no reason for you to endure familial drama and chaos. If you know someone in your family is liable to cause a scene, or if there’s an argument you would rather not air out at your wedding, or perhaps you are trying to simply spend more time with the people in your family you trust and adore rather than those who see you every five years at most, then curating the invite list to be more up your speed is important.

What is important is that you feel comfortable and socially supported on your wedding day. Additionally, do not worry about ‘equalling the metrics’ or anything like that. If you have thirty of your partner’s family and friends attending the wedding but only five of your own, some may find that lopsided nature quite embarrassing. But there’s no reason to. After all, marriage is all about the joining of two families, so there are no divided teams here. In fact, refining your invite list and ensuring only those you truly want to attend do attend can help you isolate that fact even more.

Find The Caterer You Wish For

There are some who enjoy nice fine dining food to celebrate a wedding, something given by a specialist catering team. The plates are laid out evenly and you are interested in sitting down and giving the speech adequately. But what if you’re not very much into that tradition? Perhaps you and your partner have opted for a more low-key set of attire than the usual wedding norms, so you can potentially enjoy messier foods and ensure everyone has a good time. A pitmasters barbecue roast might be a great idea from that point, or perhaps something a lot let risky depending on your tastes.

What matters is that it’s important to not only believe that wedding services can provide you with the perfect wedding consideration. Sometimes, going for something a little unusual can help you break through your noms and enjoy a better sense of who you are, and who your partner is. Of course, the example we have given will rarely be chosen by many, but that doesn’t mean you should feel able to choose the caterer you wish for, provided your wedding guests can also enjoy this food. Sometimes, seeing what options are on the table can be the best manner of moving forward.

The Reception 

A reception can mean many things to many people. Some families are used to the idea of attending an open bar and dancing in an event space, such as a large function room in a hotel. But again, while you may not simply defy tradition for tradition’s sake, there’s no problem with trying something new if you hope for it.

Perhaps you’re not happy with the open bar because you would prefer everyone was lucid and had a nicer time together than someone having to carry your cousin out of the event space an hour into proceedings. Maybe you wish to read poetry, or maybe you wish to do something truly amazing such as walking around the grounds of a large mansion, the exterior space of which you have rented out.

A reception is a time for entertainment and socialization. But you can always choose the form that this takes, through and through and through again.

With this advice, you’re certain to develop you wish for and deserve. In careful collaboration, your dream can come to reality more easily than you know.


*Collaborative post