Top Homesteading Security Ideas

Homesteading is a lot of fun and a natural and wholesome way to live. But it does come with its fair share of challenges, not least keeping everyone safe.

Homesteading was originally about setting up a place to live on the frontier. People could walk out in the West, claim vast tracts of land for themselves, and build communities. The benefit was the freedom that it brought, but the cost was keeping everything secure. With law enforcement some way off, it wasn’t always easy.

The good news is that we’ve built up a lot of knowledge over the years for what works when it comes to homesteading security and what doesn’t. Here are the basics to keep your family safe.

Secure Your Garage

If you have a homestead, then you need a garage, not only to store your vehicles but to make repairs to all the things you use every day that allow you to live in comfort. It’s not always possible to just drive to the nearest store and pick up something new. You need facilities on site that let you keep everything in good working order.


One of the first places that thieves will target is the garage. For starters, it’s usually some distance from your home, meaning that they have a higher chance of slipping in and out undetected. But more than this, it’s also a repository for all your tools and vehicles: valuable items that criminals can then sell on to others.

Securing your garage is vital. There’s a locksmith near me who swears by it. A single padlock bolting a door closed doesn’t provide much of a deterrent. You need something much more secure, such as a deadbolt, just like you have on an ordinary front door.

Use WiFi Cameras

Assuming that you have the internet at your location, WiFi cameras can play a vital role in protecting your property. The great thing about digital cameras is that they allow you to see who’s coming on all the entry points around your property. It’s particularly useful for those with long drives or multiple access points around the house. The more places you install cameras, the more coverage you have.

What’s more, modern technology means that you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to your phone screen like some security guard in an office building. Motion detection will instantly alert you of movement, telling you when you should check your phone.

Put Up Security Fencing

While a picket fence might look idyllic (and is a great way to frame your garden), it’s not the most secure. A determined intruder can easily hop over it and gain access to your property.

Many homesteaders, therefore, choose to use security fencing of one kind or another to deter criminals. Securing fencing isn’t ugly. Often it’s just a matter of building higher than you would normally and creating a jagged top of some kind. You may also want to use deer netting to prevent these creatures from gaining access to your property and wreaking havoc.



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