Beauty: I can’t live without micellar water!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I use micellar water to clean my face every night. It’s literally the best option to remove my makeup while still cleaning my skin gently. If you have sensitive skin, I believe micellar-based products would be perfect for you too! Same goes for the hair – I recently started using the new… Read More


My favourite natural beauty products from Soi-Bio

I have been working in the beauty industry for several years now. New skincare innovations? I tested them all! It was only about two years ago that I started to be more interested in natural beauty products and really look for the simple and bio ingredients. Among my new favorite brands is Soi-Bio, a range of natural beauty products made here in Canada. So… Read More


Find The Secrets To Flawless Skin

Healthy skin is happy skin. Some people can just wash their face with water and soap and have beautiful glowing skin. Unfortunately for some of us, we are not that lucky. It is common for people to spend large sums of money on skin care and beauty products to give themselves that beautiful shine but sometimes what they are putting on their face may… Read More


How To Stand Out At Your Next Party

Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to turn heads when they arrive at a party? There’s just something about them that seems to draw every pair of eyes at the party. Have they got some magic chemical that draws attention? Possibly…but it’s more likely that they’ve just done a few things that help to add an air of magnetism to them…. Read More

The Luxury Insiders : Carlos Huber, Arquiste Parfumeur

ARQUISTE is certainly one of the most luxurious brands in the fragrance industry. The collection offers different scents that transport to evocative moments in history. The brand has even created scents for the St. Regis hotels, one of the most prestigious hotel group in the world, and I would love to get my hands one of these candles for our new house! Here, the… Read More


The Luxury Insiders : Maria Barillaro & Vicki Barillaro, Co-Founders of TōN Cosmetics

I’ve know Maria for a few years because we used to work in the magazine industry together, so I was very happy when she reached out to me before Christmas to tell me all about the new makeup brand that she developed with her sister. TōN Cosmetics is a lipstick line that fits our skin tone perfectly. Through an online questionnaire, we can discover which… Read More

My hair care recommendations for every hair type!

I was back on Global News this week to present some of my favorite hair care essentials to have on hand this winter.

VLOG 03: Office Tour + Fall Makeup and Fashion events!

So I decided to start vlogging a bit more about my life as a magazine editor and also, a blogger. This past week was crazy in terms of events! Follow me while I try a luxury spa, get my makeup done at DIOR, and attend a few fashion previews. I hope you’ll like seeing a bit more of my everyday life in Montreal.


This Summer’s Best Asian Beauty Trends

Many have turned to Asian trends in past years, as Asian beauty looks are known to promote youthfulness and natural, lighter makeup looks. With the rise of Korean beauty giants in Western countries and consequently easier access to such products, it is not surprising to see beauty fanatics adorning Eastern trends and adding their own twist to it, making it their own. This summer,… Read More


8 Best Perfumes for Summer

It’s no secret that sartorial transitions and cosmetic cleaning render their own kind of celebration of spring and summer. While you can update your wardrobe and rework your beauty products to enter the warmer months, there’s no better way to embrace summer with the perfect scent that brings the sunshine wherever you go. Whether you’re the floral fanatic, or the glamor girl, we’ve got… Read More