My hair care recommendations for every hair type!

I was back on Global News this week to present some of my favorite hair care essentials to have on hand this winter.


The Korean skincare routine in 7 easy steps

Korean skincare routines are gaining popularity nowadays, and for good reasons! Look at a few of the biggest stars in Korea at the moment — Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Won, Bae Suzy — and you will notice that one thing they all have in common is their flawless, dewy complexion! Hydrating, nourishing and right on time for the cold season, here is the… Read More

essentrics technique

What is the Essentrics technique?

  The Essentrics technique has been growing in popularity in the past years. It has seduced hockey players, celebrities, and recently, even me! Of course, a great friend of mine now teaches the technique and I have experienced her love for this technique for a while now. It’s impossible to deny that this is a fantastic training. It’s a workout routine that mixes dancing… Read More

VLOG 03: Office Tour + Fall Makeup and Fashion events!

So I decided to start vlogging a bit more about my life as a magazine editor and also, a blogger. This past week was crazy in terms of events! Follow me while I try a luxury spa, get my makeup done at DIOR, and attend a few fashion previews. I hope you’ll like seeing a bit more of my everyday life in Montreal.


This Summer’s Best Asian Beauty Trends

Many have turned to Asian trends in past years, as Asian beauty looks are known to promote youthfulness and natural, lighter makeup looks. With the rise of Korean beauty giants in Western countries and consequently easier access to such products, it is not surprising to see beauty fanatics adorning Eastern trends and adding their own twist to it, making it their own. This summer,… Read More


8 Best Perfumes for Summer

It’s no secret that sartorial transitions and cosmetic cleaning render their own kind of celebration of spring and summer. While you can update your wardrobe and rework your beauty products to enter the warmer months, there’s no better way to embrace summer with the perfect scent that brings the sunshine wherever you go. Whether you’re the floral fanatic, or the glamor girl, we’ve got… Read More


Panache, revised and corrected

You have certainly heard about Panache, this trendy salon in the boroughs of Ville-Marie that opened a few years ago. The well-known Matt Waldron is the mastermind behind the address, which he co-owns with Frederic Rousseau. Although the salon earned its well-deserved reputation, a breath of fresh air definitely did Panache well. The Panache team recently moved into the offices of the old Atelier… Read More


Le Sprunch : breakfast at the spa

If you’ve visited the Spa Saint-Jude, you know the place is pretty special. This well-being haven is located inside an old church in the heart of the Plateau. Their newest addition? The Sprunch, a great formula that combines breakfast and spa on weekends, The Spa Saint-Jude is first and foremost a private club that offers a sports room and massages to its members. The… Read More


NUVA, beauty from head to toe

If you live on the North Shore, there are strong chances that you know Nuva, this beauty salon located in the Centropolis, in Laval. The address offers an array of beauty and health services, and is stylishly decorated. After testing so many products and salons these past years, I realized how important it is to find a place that offers everything. I love the… Read More


3 Natural Hair Products for Healthy and Gorgeous Locks

We emphasize greatly on natural skincare and makeup because, well, we know the benefits of using organic products. The skin reacts better and lack of chemicals has huge positive impacts on our skin. It’s the same for hair! As easy as it is to grab any fruity-smelling shampoo we see in drugstores, investing a bit more into hair products will have lasting and noticeable… Read More