8 Facts About Becoming A Mom

I’ve been the mom of such an endearing little boy for over a year now, and I can now say that having children changes your life. Not only is our daily life turned upside down, but becoming a mother changes you profoundly and makes you see life through new eyes. Although I am still the same girl with the same values and passions, I… Read More

Maximiliano Turns One!

Hard to believe that a year ago, I gave birth to my little Maxi. A year has already passed, and I am amazed at how quickly he’s changed and evolved. His arrival changed our lives in so many ways, and we were obviously looking forward to celebrating his first birthday as a family and taking some pretty pictures. If did a pretty simple birthday,… Read More

Our Sleep Training Journey

It’s no secret that one of the aspects I’ve found the most challenging with motherhood is lack of sleep. Since his birth, Maximiliano woke up every two hours, and although at first we thought that things would settle by themselves, it has never happened! We decided to work with a sleep coach at Wee-Sleep when he was 11 months old, and here is our… Read More

What’s In My Diaper Bag + Why I’m Obsessed with Totesavyy

I was looking forward to writing this article, because when I was pregnant I read a lot of this kind of articles, and it’s also probably the first thing I looked for when I learned I was pregnant (confession: even a bit before I was!), that is: the best designer diaper bags. Of course, if I was going to invest in a bag that… Read More

15 Best Skin Care Products For Baby

Since Maximiliano’s arrival in our lives, bath time has become both a marathon and a relaxing moment. Over the past few months, I have enjoyed testing, touching, smelling products for his skin and I must admit, I made some discoveries (good and bad!). Frankly, I was ready to write this article several weeks ago, but Maxi had a reaction to some products, and the… Read More

6 Months Of Us

Six months. Already. Six months that we’ve been glued to each other, that we live with only love and kisses, and that we don’t sleep much. Six months since my life was turned upside down, completely changed, that I finally understood what it meant to be a mom. I don’t have the words to describe the last few months with you because it was… Read More

7 Baby Essentials I Swear By

I’ve been immersed in my new role as a mom with open arms over the past few weeks. Despite the fatigue that comes with it, the happiness and love I receive from this little man already fills me more than I would have ever thought! I’ve obviously already had the chance to test some essential baby items since Max’s arrival in my life, and… Read More

5 Must Haves For The New Mom

Because there are a ton of baby items I could tell you about right now, I wanted to make a post to feature my favorite items as a new mom. What makes me feel good and makes my days easier and more peaceful right now? Here they are. The VIJA T-Shirt What a beautiful discovery that is this skin-to-skin t-shirt! I knew I’d want… Read More

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Since day one of my pregnancy, I must have read a ton of these kinds of articles, and watched dozens of YouTube videos on the subject too. When you get pregnant, you don’t know what to expect, you have so many questions in your head, and you need references! So here’s a list of the products that have been useful to me over the… Read More