5 Coral Items to Tollow This Year’s Pantone Trend

This year will be coral, according to Pantone. Here are a few items to get inspired by the trend this year. Too Faced Peach Lip Scrub, $21 at Sephora   Call It Spring sunglasses, $7.98 in stores 3. Take me Away luggage tag from Poppy & Peonies, $29 online 4. Nespresso Columbia pod, price upon request in stores 5. Coral mules, $59.99 at Winners… Read More


3 Steps To a Healthier Home

We spend the majority of our time (around 90%), indoors; whether that be at work or at home. And a good chunk of that time will be spent in our own homes. Making it a comfortable and relaxing place to be is pretty high on the list. But how many of us think about the impact our home is having on our overall health… Read More

12 Days of Christmas with The Everyday Luxury

This year, I wanted to do something different and offer you a series of contests for the Holidays! The Everyday Luxury is my way of inspiring you to live surrounded by beautiful things, every day. It’s to present you with places and items that make me feel special – hoping that it is the same for you. Thank you for following me. Thanks to… Read More


There’s Something Fishy About Your Outfit Of The Day

Nothing beats cooking up a feast. From garlic to fish; it’s a taste sensation. The only trouble is the smell that comes with ingredients like these. Try as you might, they have a habit of lingering for days. Whether you’re in the heart of the kitchen or up in the attic; you’ll be able to smell what’s been on your plates. In the worst… Read More


Pineapple Ginger Punch Recipe

  Who doesn’t love a good punch? This easy recipe will elevate your hosting game and impress your guests! Cheers. Single serve: • 1.5 parts Bacardi Superior • .5 parts Martini bitter • 1 part pineapple juice • .5 parts honey syrup • .75 parts lime juice • Top with ginger beer Method: Build all ingredients in a glass and stir in the honey… Read More


Planning to Buy Your First Place? Here are Some Factors That Will Make it Complete

Planning on buying your first home is a pretty big step for anyone, and it is important to make sure this is the right step for you in your life. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are planning to buy your first place, and the more you can do to make good decisions now, the more you will… Read More


Our first home!

You may already know if you follow me on Instagram, but since the end of June, I am officially back in the 450! Back, because I grew up on the south shore, and after a few years living in my fiancé’s condo in Montreal, we officially made the move to Boucherville. I’m not going to lie, I missed the green spaces and the quietness… Read More


Recipe: How to Make the perfect Affogato

You guys now know how much I love iced coffees during Summer, and so I wanted to share this easy Affogato recipe with you before Summer ends! The recipe was created by Codil Lyyn from Creative Wife & Joyful Worker for Nespresso. Enjoy! Ingredients:   1 Iced Coffee Nespresso Capsule (Ispirazione Shakerato or Ispirazione Salentina) 2 scoops of Ice cream (suggestion: use Chocolate Macaroon ice cream, which paired… Read More


This weeks Xy’s Fave Five: Dine better

Gen from XY Contemporary shares her fave five images from instagram and pinterest! It was 25 degrees in Montreal on Wednesday. Typically, this equates to one thing: Terrace season. Overnight, (no really, overnight) quiet streets go from heavy snow banks and slippery spots of black ice, to bustling line ups of eager locals, dressed in summer season clothing, anxiously hoping to get a seat… Read More


This week’s XY’s Fave Five: Pink

Gen from XY Contemporary shares her fave five images from instagram and pinterest!   We don’t know each other yet, (but looking forward to your questions, comments and feedback – negative or positive, I can take it!). Since this isn’t a dating app, we’ll exclude the personal info that I’m sure you’ll get to read over the next few months anyway, and get straight to… Read More