Deliver Roses in a box with MFleurs

If you’ve only recently become aware of the trend of boxed flowers floating around, I’d say you’re a bit late. It’s the new way of offering flowers; basically offering luxury! What I love about this trend is that the box itself is a gift, a decorative accessory that you’ll want to showcase in your home. The Montreal-based brand MFleurs specializes in this trend and… Read More


10 coffee table books to have

Fashion and inspiration books have become essentials in home décor nowadays. They look great next to candles, statement pieces or simply as a garnish for the coffee table. Not only are they great collectible pieces, they’re also awesome gifts to give. TOM FORD This book! The designer, known to have popularized and expanded Gucci’s brand is an amazing visionary. This book is full of… Read More


8 rules for being a good hostess

Are you hosting guests at home this year? Fantastic! Other than the menu that you have planned for them, have you thought of your guests? How will they feel welcomed, what will they be thinking once they get inside your house? And also, what will make their night memorable? Here are 10 rules to follow to make sure that your holiday party is THE holiday… Read More


5 online stores for home decor

Home decor shopping is sometimes a very time-consuming job: specialized boutiques are too far, or we end up shopping at the same places as our neighbors, leaving us with a less-than-original house decor. Here are some of my favourite online stores for home decor. Jonathan Adler The pottery expert now finally opened an online store full of home accessories that fit perfectly in the… Read More