My March beauty favorites!

Another month passing by means a new month where I get to test out new beauty products! I have tried many other great items, but these ones really won my heart these past weeks. Beauty fanatics, take note!

Beautitude LemonAide Gommage

Beautitude is a new Quebec-based brand that promotes the use of the salt from the Dead sea in order to create products that are out of the ordinary. My favourite product from their collection is the LemonAide gommage that smells like fresh lemon — it’s so refreshing! It leaves the skin soft and hydrated. The little container made my winter a bit brighter, as I was in desperate need of something exotic.

$49.99 online.

Monsillage Pays Dogon Perfume

The Quebec brand Monsillage recently released a new perfume! Pays Dogon is a fragrance that emanates the beautiful African culture with its hibiscus, sandalwood, and black pepper notes. A strong perfume that slowly evaporates from the skin, releasing a delicate scent. This was a total 180 from my usual floral-scented perfumes! A perfect new addition to my collection.

$120 for 50ml, online.

Vichy Idéalia Night Peeling Mask

From serums to hydrating creams, everyone’s skincare routine needs a mask from time to time. Although I don’t really like exfoliating my face skin, I do love peelings. Vichy recently released a line that directly targets women in their thirties — me! —, Idealia, and the night peeling is now a must in my beauty bag. Apply it with a cotton before starting your nighttime routine, and voila, say hello to shine!

$39.95 in drugstores.

Joico Blonde Life Mask

This one is for blondes: the new Joico collection, Blonde Life, is perfect for blonde manes. The mask revives the shine and eliminates yellowish streaks, and even hydrates dry hair caused by decoloration. A must.

$29.95 online.

Caudalie 3 in 1 VineActiv care


Everyone knows that I love Caudalie, and this love was strengthened by the new collection, VineActiv. The 3 in 1 treatment is a must for rushed mornings. Light and hydrating, it gives the skin a youthful flow, and even acts as protection from pollution — and also has an anti-wrinkles formula!

$53 in stores.

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