La Crème 128, the best of the best

Sothys is launching an ultra-luxurious cream that will make beauty addicts who are in search of products that are out of the ordinary happy. This high-end product contains an array of unique ingredients that help give the skin a youthful look. Take a look inside this container.


The box is nice and simple, and inside is a magnificent white ceramic pot. High quality and quite heavy, they are numbered, because each sample is unique. The ultimate experience is accompanied by a little spatula that reminds us of a seashell.


The rich and creamy texture combines itself to a light perfume, a mix of Rose Sothys and porcelain flower oil. Its anti-wrinkle formula prevents the skin’s volume loss and reduces the appearance of wrinkles such as the crow’s feet, the lion wrinkles and the nasolabial folds. The cream gives the skin its radiance and elasticity back, and promotes the reparation of the skin. It is to be used every morning and night, and the beautiful pot can be used as decoration.


This high-end product is $725, and is available in institutes and in certain spas around Canada. To know where to buy this stunning product, call the following number: 1 800 361 3004