5 Tech Essentials for the Home

The technology era at home is really here. I don’t know about you, but I find that there are several gadgets that are pretty handy in the house. I thought I’d give you a list of the gadgets that we could never live without (or almost) at home, to inspire you, or who knows, to inform you on the latest trends!


The Google Home Mini
I talked about it last month, and several times on Instagram too, but the Google Home Mini device has become an indispensable at home since its launch. I mainly use the music function to put some ambiance in the house, and if not, to listen to the news of the day, or to know what’s the weather outside. We also recently connected it to some switches, so we have to go through Google to open the light in some rooms. We have three devices in total (yes!) so to say we like the Google Home Mini is an understatement!

The Dyson Humidifier
I have never really given any importance to the level of humidity in the house… until recently. It’s the first winter that I feel my skin to be dry, despite all the oils and moisturizing creams that I apply. It’s when we installed the Nest (which I’m featuring below) that we realized that the humidity level in the house was too low. The solution? Getting a humidifier. I like the Dyson products very much (we have the vacuum cleaner of the same brand, and it’s really great) so we opted for this one. Not only is it pretty, but it also eliminates any bacteria in the air, as well as restoring the moisture level when the temperature drops. The price is a little high, yes, but it is a device that we will keep for several years.


The Nest thermostat
As mentioned above, it is thanks to the Nest that we realized that the humidity level at home was too low. The Nest is super convenient to control the temperature in the house, and make our consumption more eco-energetic. The device adapts to our back and forth in the house, and therefore lowers the temperature automatically when we’re not there. You can also program everything from your phone so that the temperature is comfortable when you get home. Finally, it looks pretty good on the wall!

Amazon Fire TV Stick
When my boyfriend told me about the Amazon stick, I wasn’t very impressed: how much more tv stations do we need? Today, I’m hooked! We have access to Youtube, Netflix, exclusive content as well as several games and applications. Honestly, I like to use the stick because it’s super easy and intuitive – not always the case with TV options. In short, its price is super affordable too, so it’s a great addition to everyday life!


The Hot + Cool Air Purifier
Definitely one of the gadgets that collects the most questions at home! I received this air purifier a few months ago from Dyson, and although I was not very convinced at first , now I adore it. It has a super modern look, and you can barely hear it working. It removes dust, odors and even bacteria in the air. This is a great gadget to have if you have a pet at home. In short, I admit that I noticed a difference in the first few weeks because we keep it in the bedroom. The air is purer and cleaner.

Do you also own one of these items at home?