W Montreal : modernity in the Old Montreal

The W hotels are known for its unique style and its eccentric decor. If the ambiance of the lobby doesn’t charm you at first sigh, the luxurious rooms will definitely win your heart. What makes this W so attractive?


Credit: Patricia Brochu

Dim lights, trendy music, and welcoming service. The boutique-hotel’s reputation is built around its ultra-trendy style that makes its clients feel special. The W restaurant, the ÊAT, is known for its fruit platters and its sensational decor. The graffitis on the walls offer an inspiring show, an environment that represents well the W’s values.


Credit: Patricia Brochu

The experience of the W is enhanced by their team Whatever/Whenever, a luxury service that answers all our needs (concert tickets, finding the best poutine in town, organizing special events). This service is a little plus that can’t be found at other hotels, and you can count on it in every W establishment. Hard to beat, right?


And now, the rooms. Comfortable and stylish, the two-stories suites are hands down the nicest in the hotel. The luxurious bathrooms with glass showers, comfortable beds, and stunning view of the city; the W bedrooms combine luxury and modernity. Their current decor adds a little extra something to your stay there.


Credit: Patricia Brochu

What I like about the W, is that it makes you want to visit every other W in the world. Times Square, Barcelona, Miami; cocktails are often on my travel bucket lists. The unique style of the W might give it its reputation, but the small extras of the hotel are often unknown (animals are welcomed, workout sessions available, Bliss products offered at the spa, et more).


If you don’t plan on taking a trip anytime soon, know that the Plateau Lounge, the hotel bar, offers delicious cocktails, and even has a DJ on weekends. Living the hotel life in your own city? That’s the everyday luxury!