I said yes!

It happened on Valentine‘s Day. My boyfriend of the past four years proposed, at home, and he had hidden the ring in a rose.


I’ve been dreaming of getting married since I was a little girl. Yes, I’m that kind of girl who has often thought about what she would do, the dress she would wear, and the event she would create if she would get married. I must admit that my vision of marriage had changed in the past few years. I am not very religious myself, and I was thinking I would celebrate love one day, in my own way. When I met Marco, who is Italian, I quickly realized that marriage would inevitably be part of our life. I’ve been waiting for this proposal for a while!


In the past few years, we have experiences some of the most beautiful moments of our lives together, have traveled to breathtaking places, and dined at some of the best tables in the world. Marco had every possible opportunity to propose on an island, in a helicopter or even at a Michelin starred restaurant. But he chose to do it at home, after I came back from a trip to Toronto, while I was simply cooking pasta for our Valentine’s Day supper.


Perhaps it’s because I gravitate into a world of events and media launches that the organization of this event represents a beautiful challenge for me. I know that for many, this planning has been an extremely stressful time – and I can very well understand that – but I intend to get inspired and have fun in this adventure. So follow my discoveries and please share any advice if you have!
Our biggest challenge? To get married this year. Now let’s see if this will happen, just like in my dreams…