All About the CoolSculpting Treatment

If you’re usually aware of recent innovations in the beauty industry, you’ve probably heard of CoolSculpting, the fat removing treatment through the cold, or by what’s called cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting is a treatment that has been gaining popularity in Canada, and promises to eliminate fat forever, without any surgery! I’ve had the chance to test this treatment twice already, and I have nothing but good things to say on the subject. It worked very well for me, and since I got a lot of questions regarding it, I collaborated with CoolSculpting to inform you as much as possible about the treatment, in addition to telling you all about my personal experience.

CoolSculpting, tried and tested 

I had the opportunity to test the CoolSculpting for the first time last year, and at the time, I had treated the flanks, or what are more commonly called love handles. The results were impressive, and I was ready to do the treatment again this year in order to treat another area: the belly. I was happy to find that the treatment was not painful, and lasted only an hour in total. Treatment results usually appear three months after it is done, and I’m glad to see that once again, the difference is impressive! But before I show you images of the before and after, I’ll answer some of the questions you asked me with the help of Dr. Benoit Leblanc from the Beaver Hall Aesthetic Clinic in Montreal.

Everything you should know about the CoolSculpting treatment

Dr. Leblanc, tell us how it works; how does the cold manage to eliminate fat cells?

Two researchers from Harvard realized a few years ago that cold, when in contact with fat cells over a long period of time, melted fat. This phenomenon can be seen with people who go horseback riding in the winter; the outside of their thighs, which is in constant contact with the cold, loses in fat cells over time. CoolSculpting therefore works in the same way and manages to eliminate on average 21.5% of fat thickness on the area that has been treated.

What are the most popular areas treated by men and women?

In my practice, I’ve seen that the abdomen is definitely an area that is often treated among both men and women. I’ve also found that men often treat love handles, and women tend to treat the back, the arms or saddlebags.

Does it hurt?

The CoolSculpting treatment is generally not painful. There may be discomfort when removing the massage handle, but it depends on the tolerance threshold of the patient.

How many areas can be treated during a single session?

Several different areas can be treated during a single session, depending on how much time you want to spend in the clinic! It’s specific for each individual, and your qualified CoolSculpting technician will work to determine the best treatment plan for you. 

How many sessions are needed to treat an area?

This may depend on the client’s expectations as well as their anatomy. In my experience, I’ve seen that one or two sessions are sufficient to achieve optimal results. 

Does the treatment need to be done again a few years later?

In theory, fat cells cannot return and the results are stable, so there is no need to treat an area again, unless you gain weight.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with CoolSculpting?

The CoolSculpting treatment poses no health risk but it is always important to discuss with a qualified CoolSculpting technician.

Are there people who are not eligible for treatment?

A broad range of individuals are eligible for CoolSculpting, and it’s important to consult a qualified CoolSculpting professional prior to treatment

The Before and After 

It is important to keep in mind that the final results are visible three months after the treatment, so it’s best to wait a few weeks before having an opinion on the results. Personally, I saw a difference after only a month, and in addition to losing fat, I feel that my skin is firmer and tighter. 

As it can be seen in my before and after pictures, my belly is firmer and less swollen. It is now a little over 3 months since I did the treatment and the area is stable and definitely smaller than before the treatment.

Verdict: After two very successful trials of the CoolSculpting treatment on two different areas, I can tell you that I highly recommend the treatment to anyone who is looking to slim or lose volume on a particular area. In addition, I am pretty confident that I’ll be inclined to treat another area eventually if I feel the need, since it has worked so well for me.

Have questions about the CoolSculpting treatment? Tell me in a comment below, I’ll be happy to answer them.

*This article has been made in collaboration with CoolSculpting