3 tips for hosting at home

As you may know already, I love entertaining at home, especially since we renovated the kitchen. I’m still learning, but I’ve since taken on some habits that are basic for me when I host at home. Here are some tips I follow every time people come over for dinner!

Wear comfortable clothes

I’d be lying if I told you I keep my high heels on all night, but I always choose on comfortable clothes and shoes. However, it’s impossible for me to host in sweatpants, so I prioritize chic looks but that allow me to move freely. This Olsen’s skirt is a classic for me, because it can be worn as much with a clean blouse like this one as with a lighter top or even a wool sweater. This skirt, I wear it year-round, it’s my best investment! 

Cooking in advance

Of course, you’ll tell me! But it’s not always that simple, isn’t it? Try to prepare absolutely everything you can in advance, whether it’s cutting vegetables, preparing quantities of ingredients for a sauce, or setting up a plate of vegetables that you’ll keep in the fridge. You’ll be at peace when your guests arrive and can have a drink while finishing it all!

Set the mood right away

The music, the candles, setting the table… I like when everything is ready when the guests arrive, so I make it my duty to get ready in advance and set the table and take out the glasses of wine before I’m done cooking. I prefer my guests to feel comfortable when they arrive, even if they have to wait a bit to eat!

Do you have any tips for hosting at home stress-free?

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