What Would Marco Pier White Think Of Your Kitchen Design?

More than most other rooms in the house, kitchens are often a prime focus for renovations. This is the heart of the home, after all, and getting the space just the way you want it is vital for both functionality and enjoyment. 

Yet, whether you turn to companies like Veejay’s Renovations or tackle this alone, one thing remains certain; finding the ideal balance in kitchen design is never easy. In fact, you may find yourself at a total loss as to how to even begin transforming this space.

Luckily, there is one source of inspiration that’s guaranteed never to let you down, and it comes in the form of celebrity chefs. Few people are better equipped to plan the most functional, yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen spaces. These pros have designed everything from top-quality restaurants to their own home kitchens, after all.

Instead of floundering where kitchen designs are concerned, you could, therefore, benefit a great deal from considering the following surprisingly simple celebrity chef kitchen pointers. 

# 1 – Operation before design

In most rooms within the house, design always comes first. But, as Kate Rohrer, designer of the Center City Loft, will tell you, the same rules don’t apply for your kitchen. You want the space to look good, but you should never make this your prime focus. Instead, plan a functional kitchen that serves your needs no matter what. Only once that core focus is in place can you begin to play around with design features. At the starting stages of your project, you should thus spend plenty of time planning everything from the cupboards you need, to the counter space your cooking requires. 

# 2 – Storage solutions for clean sides, always

Celebrity chef Travis London is adamant that clean, organised sides should also be a significant kitchen focus, and they certainly add a touch of sophistication that you’d struggle to achieve otherwise. Instead of leaving appliances all over your sides, then, make sure that your renovation incorporates plenty of storage solutions. Cupboard space is the most pressing priority here, but pan rails and spice racks are also worth considering. As London states, the more organised you are, the better chance you have at finding your flow within that kitchen. 

# 3 – Statement stoves

Once the practical stuff is out the way, it’s also worth turning your attention to statement stoves. These are, after all, to celebrity chefs what guitars are to rock musicians. While all our other pointers have been about subtle practicality, your stove is the center point of your design that gives you something to play with. While you’re stripping back fancy pants equipment in other areas of the room, any celebrity chef will urge you that you shouldn’t be afraid to splash out with your stove. We’re talking hefty ranges with bright colours and triple ovens. These tie perfectly into your practical kitchen focus but, more importantly, they ensure your kitchen redesign has the wow factor you’ve been looking for all along.

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