Goodbye 2017 + Looks by Oscar Mendoza

A little over than a year ago, I was launching this blog.

I never realized that I wanted to have a blog, to express myself and to inspire others through my fashion, travel or other finds. I thought this was for others, until the day that I opened my eyes.

I can’t explain how much this experience has changed me so far. Launching The Everyday luxury is certainly my most memorable moment of 2017. Finally having my own platform, my very own signature and makes me grow up every day is something that I’m very proud of. I am still learning to be comfortable in front of the camera, to be more confident to voice my opinions, and above all, to become a better person in this beautiful adventure that represents the era of social media.

Thanks for following me.
And Happy New Year to you. x
Photo credits: Tristan Lauzon
The photoshoot has been held at Bord’elle