My Walkin Closet

I’ve always – always! – been that kind of person who has way too much clothing. When I was younger, my room was a walkin closet with a bed (not the opposite), and there were shelves, bins, clothes racks all over the room. I was happy, surrounded by fashion items that inspired me every day.



When we moved into our new home this summer, I knew that the wardrobe in the bedroom would not be enough to hold all my clothes (shoes, accessories, and so on!) -even less combined with my fiancé’s clothes. So I decided to convert the guest room into a walkin closet … the dream, I know!




There is a certain trend in storage and minimalism at the moment (Have you seen Marie Kondo’s new series on Netflix?), a trend that I support and try to adopt in my own way.

Yes, I have a lot of clothes and accessories, but I do not necessarily advocate for quantity and consumption. The reason I have accumulated so much over the years is because I keep my things for a long time.


Many of my designer shoes or handbags have been acquired several years ago; I still have a lot of jeans that I wore when I was at University, same thing for some classic dresses or coats that don’t go out of style: I keep everything that lives through time, it’s the key to build a varied wardrobe!




Invest in colors that fit you well, cuts that seem to stay for more than one season, and keep your clothes if they’re still in good condition, still make you happy, and that you still want to wear them! I have made several large cleanups over the last two years, I have given a lot of items that were of lesser quality, or that I knew for a fact that I would no longer wear. That’s a great thing! I now know that every item I own has a raison d’être (otherwise I give to organizations).


So here’s my space! I plan to paint it all over this year, and maybe also buy more shelves, change the layout of the room. Stay tuned for the transformation!