BEFORE / AFTER: Our Bathroom Renovation

A few months ago, we finally started a project that we had in mind for a while now, namely renovating the main bathroom. I was very eager to make it all happen, because our old bathroom was already more than twenty years old, and its look was really not up to my tastes. After spending a lot of time looking at what we liked and combing through the styles on Pinterest, my husband and I finally came to a compromise for color palette and style. As we intend to sell the house eventually, we decided on timeless materials that appeal to everyone for a clean and modern look, and so we started the project.

The original bathroom

Since we had already worked with Italbec in the past for the renovation of the kitchen, we chose to do the same for the bathroom. The choice and quality found there is amazing, and we were also able to benefit from sound advice from their sales team, making the whole process really easier. Our choice for the tile ended up being a gray model with an industrial look in square format 24×24 – name of the tile: Madox – and we decided to put the same tile on the floor and on the wall to create a uniform look that pleases the eye. For the countertop, we chose a white quartz from Caesarstone – also at Italbec – which goes perfectly with the palette in neutral tones.

As for the cabinets, we also chose to use the same concept that we had chosen for the renovation of the kitchen. Since we liked the format of our cabinets and the layout, it was not necessary to have everything redone; we therefore opted for the resurfacing technique which consists of applying a new layer to existing cabinets in order to change the color. We wanted to create a contrast with the paler palette, so we chose to put everything in matte black, which gives a little more character to the room. Once again, we worked with the Renuit team, which offers a professional and high-quality service. The result is impeccable!

Finally, I kept the decor quite simple because as it is our main bathroom, it quickly becomes upside down! I added a long carpet in front of the sinks, baskets and black accessories, and a large mirror with a wooden outline, which goes well with the neutral tonal palette. I love the final result: our bathroom is practical and finally up to date: it will have been worth being patient during the process!

If I had some advice regarding renos at home, I think I would say that being both organized and flexible is really important. The sooner you start the organization and the shopping, the better, because deadlines are present and quickly slow down the process. You also obviously have to have a good team that you trust in place that is efficient, and finally, having a shower in the basement bathroom also saved our lives (!) I think we found the kitchen renovation project more difficult, because we had to adapt and find simple ways to cook in winter, without a bbq at our disposal. The bathroom is probably the second most used room in a house, so you must have a shower within your reach, or make sure to complete the work quickly!

Photos: Stéphanie Guertin

Tiles and countertop: Italbec

Resurfacing: Renuit

Bath and accessories: Global


Decoration : Zara, Ikea, Bouclair