Hidden Signs Your Home May Not Be As Healthy As You Think

Do you know for sure that your home is a healthy place to live? If the answer is no, then you might want to read on to find a few hidden signs that could indicate your home needs to be given the once over by a professional cleaner, exterminator, or even decorator. 

You might be surprised at things that could indicate your home is not healthy. Read on to see what they are! 

You Can See Mold And Mildew Forming

If you can see mold and mildew in your home, even a little bit, this is not a good sign. Having it around your windows could mean too much moisture is being let in, and that you need to either change components of the window or invest in brand new windows themselves. No, this won’t be cheap, but breathing in mold spores can have a huge negative health impact. 

You’ve Noticed More Pests And Bugs 

Perhaps you’ve noticed more pests and bugs than usual. There’s a chance they are coming in from outside, but there’s also a chance you have a problem somewhere. Even if the issue isn’t huge yet, it’s best to have a professional come out and assess the situation so you can be sure. If you don’t call a bed bug removal service as soon as you notice a bug, you could have a big, expensive issue on your hands in no time. 

It’s A Very Old House

Maybe your home is very old – ideally, you will have been made aware of asbestos and radon beforehand. If this isn’t already gone, it needs to be looked at right away. Living in the same building as these poisons can be inexplicably dangerous. 

You’ve Noticed Condensation And Moisture 

Condensation and moisture is normal to an extent, but too much of it could indicate a problem. Pay attention to where moisture can be seen most of all. 

You’ve Got Poor Ventilation 

Your bathroom especially needs to have good ventilation so you can groom yourself without hurting yourself. Condensation and mold can be products of poor ventilation, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. 

You’re Using The Wrong Tools To Clean

Perhaps you’re using the wrong tools around your home. Using store bought chemicals to clean may be the norm for many, but they can be very dangerous. Investing in safer cleaning products or even making your own is much better. You may not be switching out your vacuum bag often enough, either. All of these little things add up. 

Your Family Doesn’t Feel Great And You Don’t Know Why

If your family doesn’t feel great a lot of the time, your house could be to blame. Children with breathing difficulties are a big worry, or maybe you all feel like you’ve got a permanent cold. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t wait too long before having yourselves and your home checked out. It could be fatal! 

Is your home as healthy as you think it is? Leave your thoughts and any advice you have for other homeowners below! 

*Collaborative post