The Art of Collecting: Navigating High-End Collectibles and Rare Art Acquisitions

There are many assets which astute individuals will obtain in order to enjoy a source of long-term financial stability. Common examples include stocks, commodities, real estate, and even fine wines. However, art and high-end collectibles represent yet another massive sector and they can often be used to hedge against the volatility often associated with open-market fluctuations. What are a handful of professional tips and… Read More

Cheers to Chagall

I have had the privilege of visiting art exhibitions with school and with family before, but I had never quite seen anything as the Chagall exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal. Eccentric, energizing, lively: the biggest exhibition dedicated to the famous Marc Chagall in Canada did not disappoint! Chagall is eccentric and different, and his art reflects humanity, love, and sorrow. Hundreds… Read More