Europea, the ultimate experience

One of Montreal’s prized token is hidden in the heart of downtown. Europea is a restaurant, a brand that has built its way into many Montrealers’ hearts these past few years. But what is it that makes Jérôme Ferrer’s creation one of the Grandes Tables du Monde?


The experience. That’s what you want to get out of Europea. The meticulously prepared tables receive clients day and night, and the highly polite waiters that welcome you warmly at your arrival make sure everything is perfect. The dishes, filled with charming surprises, is then served, and makes you feel special all throughout the meal.

The wine selection is large and the menu is appetizing. The discovery menu option is definitely recommended, but the dishes on the serving menu are also delicious. The meal begins with bite-sized appetizers, such as the parmesan “lollipop”, that is now one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The lobster cappuccino with truffle puree is also a favourite of many. Dishes are served harmoniously, and are even better when they are served with wine for the occasion.


A table at Europea restaurant.

Amongst certain iconic dishes, there is the lemony calamari tagliatelle — a delicious and stunning way to eat the famous seafood —, the Caramelized scallops served with its cauliflower soup, or even the Cornish hen cooked in breakable clay — that you break yourself! If you can, definitely order the Foie gras au torchon served on brioche bread. And leave some space for dessert.


Ferrer has definitely understood that even after a long meal, it is sometimes hard to resist sweets. Whether it be the sweets tree with cotton candy and macarons or the subtle madeleines to eat with your tea, the Europea desserts are the perfect way to end this culinary experience.


Jérôme Ferrer, chef and owner at Europea.

The verdict? Europea will never disappoint us. Although there is now a catering service located in the Old Montreal, the luxurious experience of eating in the restaurant is simply the best.

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