5 Must-Haves For A Successful Pool Party

With a full month of summer left ahead, it is clear that we all want to enjoy it as much as possible. Although music festivals and food markets are on our August 2017 plans, sometimes it’s nice to spend a bit of time at home with friends — by the pool, that is. From the must-try cocktails of the season to the trendiest accessories, here’s what you need for a memorable pool party.

The Drink: Tropical Rum Punch

Although many people will say shots or wine as their drink of choice, definitely keep these away from pool days. Sweet fruity cocktails are sweet and remind of summer — and taste delicious. Add extra seasonal fruits for an even more summery taste, and serve the drink in small mason jars (with straws!). The amount of alcohol in the cocktail depends entirely on you. The point of a pool a pool party isn’t to get drunk!


The Snack: Fruit Salad in an Ice Cream Cone

BBQ meat skewers and pasta salads taste amazing on a summer evening by the pool, but if you’re looking for something to keep your guests’ tastebuds busy during the afternoon, without anyone feeling too full by dinnertime, fruit salad is always a good idea. Fruit salad in an ice cream cone, however, is a better idea. Pick out your favourite fruits (without forgetting about anyone’s allergies), and chop them in small pieces. Then, fill ice cream cones with a medley of fruits. Feel free to add in bits and pieces of marshmallows, chocolate chips, or candy! #InstagramWorthy.


The Accessory: The Flamingo Float

Flamingos are undeniably the most stylish animals there are, and it is no surprise that they’ve taken over every it-girl’s pool party. Pool floats are a great touch to any pool party, as they allow your guests to relax and tan while cooling off. Flamingo floats, pizza floats, whatever floats your… float!


The Sunglasses: The Tinted Lenses

No fashionista pool-party is complete without the perfect shades, and this year, the return of the tinted lenses seem to have made a comeback. Colourful shades are often hard to pair with everyday outfits, however the coloured lenses add a fun touch to a poolside outfit. Our pick? Yellow-tinted lenses for a cool, retro look.


The Outfit: The One-Piece Off-Shoulder Bathing Suit

If you haven’t already, hop on the off-shoulder bathing suit trend before summer is over! Not only are they flattering, but they are also extremely stylish and comfortable. The suit can also double as a bodysuit! Just slip on a pair of vintage high-waisted denim shorts when you get out of the pool, and voila, the perfect summer vintage outfit. Shop our favourite