The 5 Spring ‘17 trends you need to know about

While the expected drastic shift from blacks and mattes to pastels and patterns may seem like the natural way fashion declares its transition into spring, this season’s most anticipated trends come with quite the astonishing twist as they inherit features from past fall and winter seasons. Here are the big five to look out for.


The Athluxury trend

  1. Athluxury is the New Athleisure

Out with black leggings and in with pleaded skirts and tailored sweatpants that bring effortless chic up a notch. Introducing new elements of athletic and blending them with everyday casual, new collections are proving that cool, sporty, functional, and luxurious are not mutually exclusive, but instead can be executed to a new level of elegance when mixed together.


The Slogos trend

  1. Slogos

With a new political era comes new polarizing opinions from every end of influencers, and the fashion industry is no different. We’ve already seen many people sporting political tees on the streets during NYFW, and as designers now have more than just mere design to propagate their influences, the public is catching on the possibility of expressing its stance with fashion. These new statement shirts (literally) are allowing fashionistas to express their voices without jeopardizing style.


The pajama shirt trend

  1. Put on your jammies, we’re going out

Designers have put a chic new twist to the oversized shirt we’ve seen for a few seasons now. Think oversized but tailored, casual yet sexy. With silk fabric and velvet textures, these pajama shirts will surely be a staple in your closet with their irresistible waterfall-like draping that elevates the ‘just got out of bed’ look to a new level of comfortable.


The pretty polished trend

  1. Pretty, Polished, & Properly Printed

Stripes have never been out of style. It’s a classic. This season is all about a mix and match of stripes and patterns. Debunking the often-misconceived notion that mixing fabrics and patterns creates chaos, new ways of pairing different textures and colors together prove that these combinations can execute a very polished look when done right.


The Utilitarian trend

  1. Utilitarian Wear

Khaki, boxed, and structured; this is where the polished meets the functional. Harshly defined streamlines and oversized pockets are bringing a new meaning to cool by juxtaposing boxed silhouettes with soft fabrics, all without negating essential femininity.


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