Small Details That Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Planning a summer decorating project can be stressful, especially if the kids are off school and in your way. What’s more, it can also be expensive, but you feel you need to give your home a little facelift to get it back to its best. Rather than plan a substantial (and pricey) remodel, there are small details you can add to the home to make it look and feel… Read More

Easy Ways To Add Eco-Friendly Elements To Your Home

Being kind to the planet is in the spotlight. And the good news is that it has never been more fashionable to be green, and getting hold of environmentally-conscious products for the home has never been easier or fairer in terms of price. If you’ve never considered your carbon footprint regarding your home, it’s a vast topic. There are large scale projects you can… Read More


How To Deal With Living In A Hard Water Area

Water is something that most of us in the Western world tend to take for granted, and even more when we live in an area that benefits from soft water. If you’ve moved from a soft water area to one where the water is harder, then you know the havoc it can play on your skin – and this is something that people who… Read More