Luxury Insiders: Jenn Feiden, founder of TrendSavvy

If you follow my blog, you must also love all things luxury, just like me! I have always been passionate about beautiful things, brands and trends, which is why I make it my priority to feature all my favorite things and my tips to afford luxury in your life. My latest discovery? Luxury online shopping destination called Trendsavvy : A gold mine for luxury lovers,… Read More


Jeane & Jax’s new CAROLINE bag!

I often talk about women entrepreneurs, and if there is a woman who inspires me in the fashion industry in Quebec, it’s the designer behind Jeane & Jax! (See her Luxury Insiders profile here) A few years ago she launched a collection of vegan leather handbags, and today the brand is expanding rapidly to the rest of Canada, and more. Her bags are not… Read More


5 online stores you should know about

Fashion is constantly changing, and whilst inspiration can be found everywhere, it may become redundant to wear the same thing as everyone else. Finding the piece can be challenging, especially with the ever-growing amount of online stores and boutiques, but going out of your way to find unique stores is always rewarding. Here are five online stores you might not have heard of —… Read More


My New Year’s Eve Look

Every year for the holidays, I like to wear sparkles, gold or more avant-garde clothes. Although some of my family members wear jeans at family gatherings, I prefer to wear clothes that make me feel glamorous, and add a festive touch! This year I chose a gold dress by Oscar Mendoza, which I paired with a CHANEL belt and Coach pumps. Comfortable and chic,… Read More


The Luxury Insiders : Nicole & Mathilde, Holdur co-founders

I fell in love with their brand a few months ago after a friend of mine introduced me to their infamous luxury fannypack. Mathilde and Nicole are two fashion entrepreneurs that basically want to help other women be comfortable and stylish by adopting the Holdur, a high-quality leather bag that’s easy to carry everywhere. How did all this started? Read more about the fashion… Read More


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The iconic brand has over 200 years of history, and still remains one of the most adulated labels in the world. That’s because the little blue box is way more than just a luxury gift, it represents a brand that has impressed the world year after year with its class and refinement. Here is a peek inside the Tiffany & Co universe. The brand… Read More

Holdur, simplicity and chicness

Are you a handbag enthusiast? Meet Holdur, a Montreal brand that specializes in luxury practical handbags. Their signature bag, the “fanny pack”, is made of high quality Italian leather, and is assembled here, in Montreal. The founders of the brand wanted to give fanny packs a new look when one of them had her bag stolen in a park. They needed a light, practical… Read More


8 essentials for a winter weekend getaway

Winter would be boring without weekend escapades away from the city, right? Some like skiing, whilst others prefer cozying up next to the fireplace, with a wine glass in their hands. Whatever your winter style is, here are 8 finds that you should definitely take with you on your next weekend getaway! Uriage hand cream, $9.95 in drugstores During the winter time, don’t forget… Read More

little black dress

My Holiday fashion looks

Every year, the Holidays are a great reason to dress up. And I love dressing up. I like the fact that I can actually wear dresses every day for a full week of festivities! This year, I am planning a few different outfits depending on the events.  Here are two of my favorite looks. Christmas with the family I usually spend Christmas Eve at my… Read More