LOV : chic, healthy cuisine

Montreal finally has a healthy destination to die for: LOV. This restaurant opened last fall, and is already many montrealers’ favourite. A stylish concept, fresh and healthy foods and a well-trained team, no wonder the restaurant is always busy.


LOV is inspired by local, organic and vegetarian meals, and therefore offers a menu full of veggie and healthy meals, as well as vegan dishes. Stéphanie Audet, chef of the restaurant, is known amongst the vegetarian and vegan world, and is the mastermind behind the decadent and comforting foods. I fell for the poutine, a healthy version that didn’t taste healthy (!), as well as the mac’n’cheese and the beet salad. The plates can easily be shared, at lunchtime or at night.


The decor is a show-stopper, with its oval chandeliers, its wicker rocking chairs and its refined marble tables. A Jean-Pierre Viau and Jacynthe Piotte signed decor that leaves everyone impressed. From the handmade plates to the greenery, every element of the decor was chosen with care.


Eating healthy also means choosing your drinks wisely, and it is no other than Romain Cavelier who is behind the wonderful mixology of the restaurant. Herb-based cocktails and natural wines complete your LOV experience. A local restaurant that wants to bring more attention to healthy cuisine with its half hushed and half refined ambiance, that’s what LOV is about.