Smarter Decor Choices for Moms

Hello, superhero moms! Between finger-paint masterpieces on the walls and daily toy tornadoes, keeping a house chic and family-friendly can seem like Mission Impossible. But don’t trade in your style dreams for plastic furniture covers just yet. Today, we’ve got the low-down on smarter decor choices that resist the wear and tear that comes with family life. Now, let’s jump into the world of… Read More

8 Foolproof Methods To Create A Minimalist Aesthetic

With minimalism becoming trendier with every passing year, many people are wondering how to create the aesthetic in their homes. The blogs and magazines always seem to look different from the real-life results.  Well, that’s where this post can help. We explore some of the foolproof methods you can use to create a minimalist aesthetic in your home and get the interiors you want. … Read More

Summer Decorating with Tighter Purse Strings

You can be pressed for ideas when summer decorating and even more when on a budget. However, you can use the season to your advantage as long as you have a good plan. Wait for Seasonal Deals All seasons have sales and promotions periods. Some stores stagger these and balance them out, while others like to compete. Because of this, you can shop a… Read More


3 Steps To a Healthier Home

We spend the majority of our time (around 90%), indoors; whether that be at work or at home. And a good chunk of that time will be spent in our own homes. Making it a comfortable and relaxing place to be is pretty high on the list. But how many of us think about the impact our home is having on our overall health… Read More

Luxury Insiders: Sebastien Fauteux, General Merchandising Manager for Urban Barn

He travels all around the world to find the latest home decor trends. Sebastien has a very important position at Urban Barn, the home decor giant that just opened a location in DIX30. Here he answers to the Luxury Insiders questionnaire. What does luxury mean to you? The definition of luxury is different for everyone. It can be something that charms us, that excites… Read More


The Luxury Insiders: Genevieve Ghaleb, Interior Designer and owner of XY Contemporary

Genevieve and I met through a mutual friend about two years ago. She is that kind of person you immediately want to be friends with. Her work is stylish, upscale and sophisticated, and her personality shines even brighter than her magnificent beauty. She is one of the people that inspires me the most to create even greater content on the blog, and to surround… Read More

3 home décor stores to (re) discover

Spring is the perfect time to redo your home décor, and as easy it is to shop online, the amount of choices might be intimidating. Need some inspiration? Here are three home décor addresses to check out! Structube The decor brand recently opened a giant store downtown. The glass windows catch the eye, and the inside is even nicer. The spacious establishment is full… Read More