The Luxury Insiders : Lili Lê, Founder of Maison Camélia

My love for flower boxes reached a new level when I discovered Maison Camélia, a Montreal based company that sells luxury preserved floral arrangements. The elegance and refinement of the brand are exactly what I look for in a product, and I have to say, I love meeting women entrepreneurs that pursue their dreams! Here, the founder of Maison Camélia, Lili Lê, answers to… Read More


Luxury Insiders: Sisi God, Owner of A.S Fur

Attention fashion lovers, there’s a new recycled fur brand to know about! A.S Fur, owned by Simone God – Adonis Stevenson’s fiancée – is definitely making fur cool again. I’m personally obsessed with the fur slippers, and people from all over America are raving about Sisi’s collection. Being constantly inspired by women in business, I wanted to have Sisi answer to my Luxury Insiders’… Read More

Luxury Insiders: Sebastien Fauteux, General Merchandising Manager for Urban Barn

He travels all around the world to find the latest home decor trends. Sebastien has a very important position at Urban Barn, the home decor giant that just opened a location in DIX30. Here he answers to the Luxury Insiders questionnaire. What does luxury mean to you? The definition of luxury is different for everyone. It can be something that charms us, that excites… Read More


The Luxury Insiders : Madeleine Kojakian, Event Architect and Owner of Maddy K Atelier

Who doesn’t know Maddy K. She is behind every luxurious event in the city, and she’s a renowned wedding planner and event designer. Her sense of style and her sophisticated taste is what makes her stand out in this very competitive industry. She’s the one behind the Bridal Boudoir Affair, a wedding trade show that presents all the latest trends in the industry, and she… Read More


Luxury Insiders: Silvia Gallo, owner of jeane & jax

Silvia is not only a woman I admire for her sense of style and business mind, she’s also a friend. After spending some time as a buyer in the fashion industry, she launched her own handbag line a few years ago. The jeane & jax bags are stylish, practical, and more importantly vegan. So what’s her opinion about luxury? What does luxury mean to… Read More

Luxury Insider: Caroline Khangi, Insider at the W hotel

The one who knows everyone, and that everyone knows, that’s her. Happy and bubbly, Caroline is a lover of life and leaves behind positive energy everywhere she goes. An Insider at the W, she makes sure every client feels more than VIP by allowing them to see their wildest dreams come true! Backstage access, concert tickets, extravagant deliveries, you name it. Caroline never stops… Read More


Luxury Insiders: Isabelle Randez from L’Oréal Luxe

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. New product launches follow each other, and innovations never cease to surprise us. Isabelle has a key role at L‘Oréal Luxe Canada, which is to represent and manage communications for some of the most prestigious brands in the world of beauty. A job that fits her perfectly, and certainly gives her this beautiful smile every day! Isabelle, how… Read More