6 Montreal Lunch Spots to Eat at this Summer

Where to have lunch in Montreal? Here are 6 of our new favorite spots in the city! Liv Salades Salads, we try so hard to love them, but they often leave us unsatisfied. Liv Salades on Boulevard St-Laurent will change your mind about salads forever. For owner Marie-Josée Elchab, a healthy and balanced diet should never comprise taste. Searching for a way to combine her… Read More


Club Soya: The New Sushi Bar in Town

Montreal is affluent when it comes to gastronomy, and sushi bars are no different. But, rejoice, because there’s a new one in town. With an unique take on the traditional Japanese dish without deviating from its rich culture, Club Soya promises a tasty experience. Located right next to the Quartier des Spectacles, Club Soya specializes in Japanese fusion cuisine. The menu, developed by the… Read More

Rediscover chocolate at the Cacao 70 Factory

Montreal foodies will be rejoiced to find out that the iconic Cacao 70 has recently opened a factory in the heart of Griffintown. From DIY chocolate bars to behind-the-scenes access, the Cacao 70 factory is a delight for lovers of chocolate. Since its opening in 2011, Cacao 70 has conquered the hearts of foodies everywhere across the country. Offering an array of chocolate covered… Read More

Yamaska cottages, little safe havens

Near the beautiful Yamaska river can be found small cottages, minutes away from downtown Bromont. Domaine Yamaska is located in a quiet, peaceful area, and clients may rent beautiful, wooden cabins. Not a fan of camping but also want to stay away from hotels? Here’s your solution. The second you step foot into Domaine Yamaska, you are plunged into nature and calm. The small… Read More

Where to celebrate Mother’s Day in Montreal

Montreal is known for its abundance of spas and movies, and as the entertainment life is flourishing in the city, sometimes it is pleasant to enjoy a day of tranquility every once in a while – for Mother’s Day especially. This year, stray away from the usual celebrations and enjoy good company in one of these three stunning Montreal establishments (or all three!) Biscuits… Read More


Quintessence, luxury in Tremblant

I’ve been to Tremblant a few times already yet I had never stayed at the Quintessence until recently. I knew of it, but I had no idea how splendid the establishment was. I recently spent the night, and let me tell you, I had been missing out. Here’s why. Firstly, the service is welcoming and extremely professional. What makes luxury hotels stand out is… Read More

Luxury Insider: Caroline Khangi, Insider at the W hotel

The one who knows everyone, and that everyone knows, that’s her. Happy and bubbly, Caroline is a lover of life and leaves behind positive energy everywhere she goes. An Insider at the W, she makes sure every client feels more than VIP by allowing them to see their wildest dreams come true! Backstage access, concert tickets, extravagant deliveries, you name it. Caroline never stops… Read More

Beatnik, chic getaway to Bromont

The hotel opened its doors this past spring in the Balnea, in Bromont. A new hotel definitely brings a breath of fresh air to the city and, the spa’s fanatics will be happy to find out! So, what’s new at the Beatnik? All rooms are kitchenette-equipped and have a vaguely hipster decor, the Beatnik is characterized by its artistic approach and its cultural events,… Read More


3 Chef’s Table to try in Montreal

A meal at the Chef’s Table is an experience on itself. These tables, sometimes inside the heart of the kitchen, sometimes outside, plunge the guest into the essence of the restaurant and even allow you to talk to the restaurant’s chef. The good news is that these tables are available for reservation at any time. Here are my three favourites in Montreal. L’Atelier d’Argentine… Read More


W Montreal : modernity in the Old Montreal

The W hotels are known for its unique style and its eccentric decor. If the ambiance of the lobby doesn’t charm you at first sigh, the luxurious rooms will definitely win your heart. What makes this W so attractive? Dim lights, trendy music, and welcoming service. The boutique-hotel’s reputation is built around its ultra-trendy style that makes its clients feel special. The W restaurant,… Read More